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  1. R

    Question I can't run my Dell laptop with the laptop screen removed.

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7567 which due to some water damage can't run it's built-in screen anymore - there is still a display, but it is too dark. It runs an external monitor fine though, so I've decided to turn it into a desktop. The issue I have is that after removing the entire screen half...
  2. wakoavo

    MacBook Pro - Cleaning insides with "electronics spray" cleaner - Monitor Issues

    Hello fellow Toms ! Short Version Question: Does alcohol-cleaner spray ( universal electronics cleaner as per the label) damage the inside of laptop screens ? Long Version Question: So recently a family member of mine spilt a full cup of tea over her laptop. MacBook Pro 13" 2019 model. The...
  3. hauntedmacandcheese

    [SOLVED] Green and pink laptop screen

    So I have this Toshiba satellite L855 for years and got this green and pink screen issue recently. Everything is normal, just the screen color changed. Green on dark areas and pink on light areas. I've updated the drivers and replaced the screen cable but nothing changes. Is it the lcd or gpu...
  4. I

    Question Laptop Will Not Boot Without Integrated Screen Connected.

    Hi guys, I want to make a small media pc out of an old laptop but it wont boot when the integrated screen is not connected. I plugged the HDMI to a TV and it works fine when the integrated display is also connected (boots on integrated screen then switches to TV) but not when only the TV is...
  5. F

    [SOLVED] Can i get a Laptop Replacement Screen for this kind of Damage?

    Short story, i put my Laptop on top of a Box and beside a Bed that was in a standing position i have 2 cat both of them grabbed the bed and of course the bed fall off and it hit the Laptop i wasn't fast enough to stop it, My Laptop screen is completely broken. View:
  6. F

    Question Cracked Laptop Screen - Which Replacement Part Should I Buy?

    Hey guys, I cracked my laptop screen and I plan on buying a replacement screen and taking it to a professional to replace it for me (installation will be cheaper than him buying the screen and replacing it too). The thing is I'm not sure which screen I should be buying. The laptop is a Asus...
  7. Sancorso

    Question I have an array of stuck blue pixels on my laptop's screen

    Good day everyone =) I recently have an issue with my laptop's screen. View: As you can see in the images, there is a bluish stain in my screen, but the best part is that is only visible on dark images or black screen. It cannot be visualized unless the screen has...
  8. Myronazz

    Question Should I get an aftermarket display for my laptop?

    Hello... I have a Lenovo G780 and its screen shattered internally somehow (no cracks on the outside and no laptop freefalls or anything like that) so I was wondering, should I get those screen replacements from eBay? Are they worth it? There are only a couple of reasonable priced ones, some are...
  9. K

    Question Which generations are the following two intel GPUs ?

    Intel HD Graphics 400 & Intel HD Graphics 4600 are they gen4+ ?
  10. I

    Question Backup: Planning for Disaster (please review and comment)

    Good Morning, All, I am a mostly retired Grumpy Old Fart and have been quite unlucky <?> over the last nine months: I have had three<!> 250 GB SSDs fail. One as a result of a leaking AIO, one as a result of a failing PSU, and one for reasons unknown and unspecified. I had clumsy and...
  11. dominic.bogdan

    Question Secondary HDD Loads when I open a file located in Primary SSD

    Hello guys, I have an ADATA SP900 SSD located in C: and a WD BLUE 500GB located in D: and every time I open any software located in C: I hear noise from the secondary HDD, I open task manager and I see disk D: loading, I noticed this issue when browsing Google Chrome with multiple tabs and I...
  12. H

    Question Windows freezes on startup!!

    I recently swapped out my motherboard, ram, and cpu I was aware that my hard drive might complicate things so when booting up I decided to reinstall windows and clean the HDD after installing windows my system restarted, the windows logo came up and a little loading wheel came up after loading...
  13. C

    Question Suggestions needed for Linux + Z390 mobo

    I'm looking for a Z390 mobo whose features are well supported in Linux. Like hardware monitoring software and drivers. Which of the big mobo companies are the most open-sourcey?
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Front/Back Intake, Top Exhaust

    Hey guys, I have a 240mm AIO on my CPU with the rad in the top of the case with fans exhausting. My GPU is an EVGA Hybrid that uses a blower (rear exhaust) and also has a 120mm rad that I have exhausting out the back. I have 2x120mm front intake. Since both my rads are exhausting (higher temps)...
  15. M

    Question ryzen 3 2200g driver update.

    hey guys i wanted to ask how to install ryzen 3 2200g drivers. Under the display adapters , it only shows Microsoft basic display adapter and not Vega 8. What do I do. Pleaae help me out.
  16. P

    [SOLVED] My back plate of my Case fell on my motherboard

    IM VERY scared becous i think my back plate broke and my pc not work anymore please help me trouple shoot it :( i have laptop so i cant just replace it i was adding storage but the back plate fell from my hands and now the laptop wont boot up how to fix Sorry for bad english
  17. M

    Question Keep getting BSOD - Windows 10

    Recently i keep getting BSOD's at random times and i dont know why exactly. I've ran the Windows Memory diagonostic tool and that came back with no errors, I installed blue screen viewer and it shows that is has something to do with ntoskrnl.exe. Ill post the minidumps in the link below with...
  18. R

    Question When should my USB slots have power/work?

    I"m trying to debug my computer. It was working fine then after a restart the computer would boot but have no display or any power from usb slots. However both cpu and psu fans would spin. My question is how many parts need to be assembled for me to use the usb ports? I exchanged my mobo for...
  19. L

    [SOLVED] Will an Rx 580 bottle neck my system?

    Will an rx 580 bottle neck my system? Mobo: h61h2-m2 v1 Ram: 8gb Processor: i7 2600 Psu: 600w Hdd: 1TB OS: windows 7
  20. Boakye Henry

    Question What is the problem with my computer

    I am having problem off late with my pc. Computer freezes with buzzing sound when playing games like mass effect andromeda and pes 2019, restarts when playing ghost recon wildlands. Shocks me when i touch the case. No overheating issues because there is no drop in performance when playing games...