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  1. Abhigyan_13

    [SOLVED] Laptop Upgrade

    I own a ASUS X540UAR Vivobook 15. Its a very basic laptop with i3 7th gen, 4gb ddr4 ram(expandable to 12gb), 1TB hdd, intel HD graphics 620 and its about a year old. I wish to upgrade its processor at least to i5 7th gen or ryzen 5, RAM to 8gb and graphics card to at least gtx 1050 2gb .I know...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Laptop Non-OS HDD Upgrade to SSD

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to upgrade the non-OS internal HDD (literally everything else on it except OS) of my laptop to a SSD, and have been doing a lot of reading about how to do it. However, most of the content I find online are for replacing OS drives, and so -- disk cloning, which I...
  3. D

    Discussion Hp mini 110 1160ev UPGRADES

    So, I started this discussion because i was thinking of doing every possible upgrade to my little laptop so it can become at least as powerful as a RPI. My cpu is Intel Atom N270 and i found out that it uses the same socket with Intel Atom 330 which has 512 KB more L2 cache 1 more core (2 more...
  4. D

    Upgrading, need help.

    Upgrading from a EVGA 1070 FTW to a GTX 1080ti, i7 7700k to i7 8700k. Gonna keep my Corsair vengeance Ram (32gb) *Please pick me out a 1tb SSD *New motherboard you recommend (like the best one) as I hate the rog strix z270e... Is Asus the best Mobo makers because there software sucks (Asus...