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  1. Fade77

    Question High CPU/GPU temps when gaming ?

    Rog Gl503GE Hero Edition Gaming Laptop: Cpu:Core i7 8750h 2.21 Ghz 6 Cores Ram:16 gb ddr4 Gpu:Gtx 1050ti 4gb gddr5 Hdd;1TB Ssd:128 gb So i have an trouble while gaming and do some graphic stuffs,When i opened my laptop and play games like Rdr 2 and many other stuff my fps is so normal i had...
  2. rti0irt

    Question laptop keyboard issues

    i'm running into an issue on my fujitsu laptop keyboard where it registers irregular letters/numbers after hitting 1 key. for example: 'h4ello, 0i am rtunn0ing 0inrto manky 0issu84s w0irh mky kykyboartd' this is the problem that i've been running into and i'd like some support. thank you!
  3. MaxersTrash

    Question Laptop AC Charger disconnects when playing games, but not because of overheating ?

    So one day I was playing CSGO, but then suddenly my fps drops to 10 or lower, then I saw my laptop charging light isn't on anymore. It will keep on disconnecting for about a few minutes then it wil reconnect. Using MSI afterburner, I saw that my cpu and gpu usage are only at around 60-80%...
  4. helpe

    Question 8GB of ram installed, only 5,86GB usable on Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15ALC6 laptop

    System specs: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Ryzen 5 5500u with AMD Radeon Vega graphics (Vega 7, has 7 cores) 8GB RAM 512GB SSD Samsung Laptop came without OS so I installed Win10 Pro 64-bit from Windows 10 Installation Media and activated it with purchased licence key, everything seemed fine, fast...
  5. Pacifico

    Question Can I upgrade my MX 450 graphic card to GTX 1650 on a laptop?

    Can I upgrade my MX 450 graphic card to GTX 1650 on a laptop?
  6. rainyman13

    Question I can't use my laptop's discrete GPU ?

    Hi I have samsung np350v5x-s04ae laptop (i5 - 4GB ram) , when i try playing video games with the primary discrete GPU (AMD 7670m) it starts lagging and fps drops to the ground and changing the game quality settings doesn't help . But I can play the same game with the intel 400 iGPU . I wonder...
  7. S

    Question New laptop blue screening and then going to BIOS ?

    I bought a new Asus Vivobook 15 laptop. Right out of the package, i tried uninstalling the preloaded antivirus that came with it and it blue screened during the uninstall. The weird thing is after the blue screen it sent me to the BIOS, i restarted and windows was in the recovery screen and I...
  8. LOL!@#LMAO

    Question AMD driver automatically installing itself

    Hi there, I own a dell g5 se with Ryzen 5 4600h and RX 5600m. For the last few days i am having an issue where this driver (dell driver) automatically installs. I don't want to use this particular driver because I have encountered some crashes and BSOD while playing some games. So...
  9. mdeodarari

    [SOLVED] ASUS Vivobook Low Performance

    So I just bought a new laptop; an ASUS Vivobook S14 S433EQ and here's the spec: CPU: Intel i5-1135G7 @ 2.40 Ghz, 4 cores 8 threads Onboard GPU: Intel IrisXe 80EU Dedicated GPU: Nvidia MX350 RAM: 8GB Storage: 512GB NVME SSD OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit. Version: 20H2. Build: 19042.928 Mainly I'm...
  10. 4MIK

    Question is this normal?

    im using an asus g531gt i7-9750h 16gb single channel ram gtx 1650 (8 months old) while gaming my cpu temps fluctuates between 94 degrees and 97 degrees and my gpu goes up to 93 degrees which i feel is insanely hot can anyone tell me if this is normal?
  11. I

    [SOLVED] Dell inspiron 15 7567 : CPU jumps from 60° to 98° within 1 second of starting a stress test and cools down in 1 second aswell!

    So i have this laptop dell inspiron 15 7567! And it has i7 7700hq processor and recently i’ve been having thermal shut down issues with it. I can play any game for 8-12 mins. Max. Now when i try to run any stress test for cpu either prime95 or intelburn, as soon as i hit start test temp goes...
  12. Rak11

    [SOLVED] CPU upgrade

    So recently my dell inspiron 15r se died which has a core i7 3632qm (3rd gen ) And i have a laptop Toshiba Satellite c640 which has a core i5-2430M .so the question is should i swap the i5 with an i7? Will it work both processors has a tdp of 35 w i7 sits in rPGA989 and i5 is in ppga 988? What...
  13. E

    [SOLVED] Fix potentially broken HDMI port

    When i connect any monitor to my laptop it displays purple colored dead pixels, and sometimes the screen flickers when i touch the HDMI cable. I've tried multiple cables and displays but the problem keeps persisting. When i connect the cables and monitors to another laptop it seems to work fine...
  14. jamalmohdssb

    Question Massive fps drop while gaming idk why max temp it goes to 70- 75 degree C, I dont know what is the reason, Should i buy a cooling fan or something

    I own hp laptop, model number 15-da0014ne, i7-8550U CPU@ 1.80Ghz, 16gb ram, with Mx 130 4gb.
  15. B

    Question Laptop shutting off on AC Power

    Hi Guys, I have been having this problem for a while with my school laptop, and the occurrences are becoming more frequent and therefore I am losing more progress on my work. It is becoming increasingly annoying and inconvenient, and I need a fix. A little background info, I have a LEADER...
  16. J

    [SOLVED] Having CPU issues on laptop, please help.

    I have an AMD Ryzen 7 3750H with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.30 GHz for my CPU and a Geforce GTX 1660 ti with Max-Q design for my GPU. When playing games initially I found that I was getting 2 or 3 frames on games like Rust or Call of Duty, so I switched my power options to High Performance which...
  17. U

    [SOLVED] Where can i find informations like how many slot for ssds/rams etc my motherboard has?

    Hello guys, I'm struggling with finding informations about my motherboard. I was thinking about upgrading my laptop but i can't find any info about the motherboard. I'm curious how many slots for ssd it has. If it has a single or dual channel rams... etc ... My laptop is Lenovo IdePad L340...
  18. E

    [SOLVED] GPU Clock Won't Go Up After Changing The Offest

    I wanna overclock my gt740m in my old laptop I don't really care about and I have overclocked the memory clock for the card successfully. But the gpu clock won't increase even though I cranked up the offset. So I feel like I'm leaving performance on the table here. I've tried nvidia...
  19. O

    [SOLVED] Low FPS on Laptop Gaming with High Resolution Monitor

    Hi Guys, I have 8 yrs old Toshiba Laptop 1+1GB graphic card which have 1366x768 resolution. When i plug it to 4K Samsung monitor, it allows me to choose any resolution in windows and in games. Problem is; when i set to a higher resolution than 1366 games begin to have dramatically low fps. If...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] Adapter for a 3 prong laptop charger

    Is there any adapter that can eliminate the massive power cable on a laptop charger? https://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Gateway-Notebook-Computer-Charger/dp/B01JBDY3GS/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=3+prong+cable&qid=1571627231&sr=8-3 ^this thing but without a cable. I am trying to make my desk cleaner so...
  21. J

    [SOLVED] What Laptop for 4-6 x 2K monitors

    Just curious if anyone had any recommendations for laptop/docking station/monitor combos that could run 4-6 external 2K monitors? I was thinking one of the new Dell XPS 15 i9 8 core processor laptops or would I even need that much power??? For the monitors I was thinking I could even run 4 wide...
  22. A

    Looking for a laptop for my wife

    HI guys need a powerful lapptop for wife. she wants to code. Most priority it should be i7 8750h or above 16gb plus ram very good cooling and battery life. she doessnt want to game but i know she will regret later so i want atleast a decent gpu for her like 1650, 1060 or above my point of view...
  23. J

    Question Laptop Hard Drive upgrade Question

    Alright, so I have a 200gb hard drive that is pre-installed in my laptop. Now I have a 1tb that I haven't put in yet due to a issue I think I will run into. If I take out that 200gb, I know I will lose all my games, pictures, music, but will I have to buy a new copy of windows 10? Or will it...
  24. B

    Question Random Laptop Lag Spikes - Please Help

    I just received a brand new Lenovo Yoga 730 laptop for Christmas 2018, I've had it for about 6 months now and I have had absolutely no issues whatsoever. This was the case until this past Thursday (4/18/19), I would randomly receive lag spikes while using my laptop. I've tried testing on other...
  25. RonBs

    Question i7 8750H + 1050Ti + 16ram 2600mhz

    Every game I played I had nice frames, but when I play minecraft my fps is under 50 fps, on fortnite high settings im getting better frames. I did every thing on nvidia contorl panel, the game runs on my GPU and I gave to the game 8 Ram. Even, when I set my pc to best performance (my CPU gets to...
  26. P

    Question Why can't i install windows 7 OS properlly in a laptop?

    So my brother asked me to format his laptop's HDD (intel i7 4th gen, acer aspire V, WD blue 1TB HDD), so i did that, and then he asked me to install an OS (he was using windows 8 and wanted win10). So i tried installing windows 10 by using a usb boot drive key i created with microsoft's official...
  27. A

    Question Want to upgrade my old 1x1 wireless card

    My Toshiba C75D-B7300 has by default an atheros QCNFA125 1x1 mini pci-e wireless adapter with which I have always had problems. I really want to upgrade to a newer 802.11ac, 2x2, dual band adapter. I have been looking at the Intel wireless-AC 9260 and it seems like a really good option for an...
  28. N

    Question Download speed is VERY slow ONLY on my new laptop.

    I have an ASUS VivoBook Pro 15 N580VD that I just bought recently, I upgraded it with an 1T SSD alongside the old one, so my warranty is voided so I really hope I don't need to use it.My problem is that it downloaded at 1 mbps from a site that my phone downloaded at 10mbps, I have been looking...
  29. T

    Question Laptop fan is making a weird rattling noise

    So my laptop fan is making a rattling noise, very noticeable in idle. Called ASUS customer support and they told me I should get it replace, however my warranty doesn't cover it. Not in a position to spend a lot of money, I also don't want any trouble with continuing using my laptop. Is there...