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  1. J

    Best laptops for the end of 2020

    Hello everyone! I know now is one of the worse time to buy a laptop with many brands implementing Ryzen in the next year and a lot of exciting changes bringing USB-C 4 to the same level of Thunderbold 3 and intel opening Thunderbold 3 to AMD. I would love to wait for these changes, but my...
  2. 6

    Question Should I buy this Ryzen laptop?

    I am thinking about purchasing the Acer Nito 5 ANS 515-43. I couldn't find reliable reviews on the internet about this laptop. Anybody having a bad experience with this laptop please reply.
  3. Ceclan007

    Question Is there any possible way to rollback BIOS on ASUS Notebook..?

    Hi, I have a Notebook from Asus S410U(X411UN) which I have for it for 2 months give or take and it was brand new and came stock with bios version 300. I remember when back in 2019 when I just got it that it ran very smooth in many games in Medium-High preset (World of Tanks or GTA 5 for...
  4. krelidas_34

    Is Samsung Odyssey a good laptop?

    Weeks ago, I was struggling whether to buy ASUS TUF and Strix series. I heard ASUS TUF series has serious problems with their laptops. Not so much with Strix, but still prevalent. Thus I decided to choose something else: Samsung Notebook Odyssey. This laptop's CPU adjusts its clock speed...
  5. krelidas_34

    Which laptop is better? ASUS ROG Strix G or ASUS TUF?

    First, let me start off with ASUS TUF. This laptop has AMD Ryzen CPUs in it. This laptop is good at streaming videos, since the CPU is Ryzen. Not only that, it has a decent webcam. But TUF does not have efficient cooling as ASUS ROG Strix G. The Strix G has better cooling, and better brightness...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] How to ground myself when working on laptop

    I got an old laptop from a friend and I want to upgrade its ram. The problem is this is my first time upgrading a laptop I usually work on desktops and just slap the case every now and then to ground myself. The laptop is plastic so how would I ground myself with it?
  7. A

    Best Laptop for 3D Modelling and Gaming Under Budget

    Hello! I am in the market for a new laptop to run different types of 3D modelling software (Autodesk Inventor/Cinema 4D/AutoCAD) as well as be able to play current gen games. I'm struggling to find one that suits my needs so I am coming to the forum for suggestions! My current budget is...
  8. E

    Question Could I expect a laptop with i3 7100u to last shorter than i5 8250u?

    Let me explain my question better. What I'm considering is the long term, future proofing aspect of buying a laptop. I could buy a laptop with i3 7100u costing 25k or an i5 8250u, which costs maybe 35k(about 37% more). I know that i5 8th gen is much better than i3, but I'm not going to be...
  9. W

    relpaced vista with xp

    Replaced vista with XP SP3 on a dell inspiron 530. Won't boot , get missing config message. Tried the "r" repair option on install disk, nothing. Anyone....?