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  1. H

    Question Canon Imageclass Color Laser Printer won't print please!

    I have a Canon MF520C color laser printer. It prints fine on regular paper but when I try to print on cardstock the printer beeps and won't print. I have it set to print on "heavy paper" but have tried other paper settings also(labels, photo, etc.) and it doesn't work. The card stock is not that...
  2. M

    Question Printer is wrinkling and also folding corner on top right paper when I print from tray

    I have a Canon imageCLASS 5770 all-in-one monochrome laser printer running on Windows 7 that I bought in 2006. I had always used Canon and Staples brand toner cartridges, and it was fine. Last year I used one discount cartridge from Amazon, and it was also fine. I recently just tried two...
  3. H

    Question Any way to reset Lexmark laser printer via printer's motherboard?

    I have a Lexmark cs317dn laser printer that won't let me print because I'm out of yellow toner. It will not let me bypass the low toner message to reset the printer, I've tried everything. The toner cartridge is very expensive, even on Ebay. Is there any way to reset via printer's motherboard...
  4. Dias Eka Purnama

    Question DCOM Terminated

    I have an issue with my laptop with Windows 7 OS. My issue is everytime i boot up my laptop, there always system repair option before windows logo apears. I have been run the system repair but the system repair cant fix it, so that option still there when i boot up. When i try to boot windows...
  5. H

    Question ram issues , daily bsod , random reboots ...

    hi , as the title says , i've been getting random bsods , reboots since i bought this ram ! i did memtest , it always passes , but yesterday , it showed an error on Test 10 the ram is no where to be found on the compatibility list of my mobo nor on any other mobo out there ( weird ? ) here is...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] 24in flat or curved

    im sure this question has been asked dozens of times, but im in the market for a monitor, im look ay 2 24 inchers with identical specs and pretty much cost the sameone curved one flat ima be sitting somewhere between 1-3 feet away from the monitor which should i get?
  7. PrinceTexasLoaf

    [SOLVED] can I use a rx 470

    hi my pc currently has a 1050ti and an i5 6400 and my psu is around 300 w or 350w and I was wondering if my psu would be good enough for an rx 470 or 480 or 570 and I was wondering if it was a good idea to buy a rx 470 used and if so what website I should buy them from I was looking into the rx...
  8. G

    where to learn

    where are best places to take MOS classes?
  9. E

    Build my first PC and it wont connect to HDMI or Display Port. Please Help. Thank you

    Hey guys! I just build my first pc yesterday and was disappointed to find out that my new gaming pc will not connect to any monitor. But the monitor, gpu, and fans all start up. I have connected it with hdmi and display port to two different monitors, and to the motherboard and gpu with hdmi...
  10. E

    Ryzen 3 2200G vs Ryzen 5 2400g vs g4560 + rx 560 2gb oc

    Which one is better option? Thanks for helping!
  11. R

    GPU 1070 not detected

    I got two gpu which is a palit sjs 1070 which i switch from two of my computers.. One is being detected and another one is not detected or not showing in my device manager all of a sudden. When i insert both of them the other gpu is not getting detected as well... these are the test i did...
  12. J

    Upgrade options for 7 year old pc $500 area

    Hello community, Looking to upgrade my home PC to allow me to play just about any game on the market (maybe not at full specs). I primarily play Simulator games, but only because performance has always been low with demanding games. I don't have the knowledge or comfort to alter my settings...
  13. jenmay

    ASUS ROG Support

    Why do they do what they do. I apologize if this has been brought up before. I have a ASUS ROG G751JM. I have owned it about 2-3 years. I'm very computer literate, like to do things myself so I do a lot of research to learn to do so. I recently went to ASUS forums, and although I am a...
  14. U

    rgb/dvi audio in not working?

    I got a 3.5mm mini-RCA stereo audio cable to plug in my s-master digital amplifier as an external speaker. my TV has the AUDIO IN (RGB/DVI) plug in. For some reason connecting it does not produce any sound whatsoever. I have tried plugging the jack on my phone, and the audio works fine. The...
  15. D

    FX-6300 Throttling to 1.5ghz and sometimes jumping to 4.1ghz

    So I recently swapped out my motherboard and graphics card for something a bit better than what I had before I upgraded form a old 760g motherboard to a 970 motherboard. I also ungraded to a 1060. The reason I did this was to solve my issues of throttling and upgrading my pc. I always figured my...
  16. H

    Toshiba external hdd is suddenly very very very slow

    Hi, I use Toshiba external hdd "Toshiba canvio 2TB" on my lenovo laptop. One morning I tried to copy a couple of images from it. It took each image like 2 minutes to copy!! One image could not be copied at all. What is funny is that all files appear with thumbnails but as soon as I double click...
  17. F

    Swapping Windows Harddrives

    Hi this might sound stupid. But I vaguely remember just swapping out the Windows hard drives Into other systems in 2008 . But they were all Athlon 64's so long ago.Haven't needed too since platter HDs were cheap. But now SSD's are more expensive .If I swap from AMD or Intel now ,or even...
  18. W

    need help understanding if i can flash bios for 7th gen cpu's on a 6th gen board

    I bought my pc on amazon, it is about to be shipped when i noticed that the board i picked was not a z270, and would cause problems with the i5 7600k. i ordered the msi Z170A SLI Plus, does it have updated bios where i can get to the point where i can flash the msi bios onto the motherboard? Or...
  19. A

    750$ - 600$ rig

    my current try at it rx 470 no higher if possible pls and thank you
  20. P

    What tier is my PSU?