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  1. M

    Battery won't charge!

    Why won't my battery charge on my laptop? It gets to 80% and then stops charging?
  2. J

    Is my PSU sufficient for R9 270X?

    The question follows the title. Will my PSU be able to support R9 270X? I believe it's a 500w, and the rest of the spec is the following(which is written on the side): +3.3v = 29A, +5v = 31A, +12v = 21A, -12v = 0.5A, +5Vsb = 2.5A. I have no idea how these numbers work. Oh also my PSU only has...
  3. S

    Will the 7750 run with the 6450

    Hey guys, I'm trying to run three monitors and I already have a radeon 6450 and I'm going to get a 7750 so I can run three monitors. Will this work? 6450 DDR3 1GB 7750 DDR5 1GB Thanks, Supernatur4l
  4. X

    Can't change default speed to 1866mhz

    Hi, My build is as follows: Intel i7 4930k @ 4.5GHz @ 1.36v Rampage IV Extreme Corsair Vengance Pro (Model Number: cmy16gx3m2a1866c9) 16GB (2x8gb, running currently at 1.5v @ 1600mhz) The Corsair ram is supposed to be running at 1866mhz, but I can't run it at that. I changed it manually (as...
  5. J

    CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo

    Will the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo work with a s1150 motherboard?
  6. P

    Computer sometimes freezes when I plug in or unplug my headphones from my front audio jack?

    Sometimes when I plug/unplug my headphones from my front audio jack my system completely freezes and I have to hold the power button to turn it off and back on. I've also been having some other issues with it like having to go into my sound mixer and change the device to speakers sometimes...
  7. S

    Finalized Gaming PC Build

    Parts: what do you guys think ? im maxing out bf4 on ultra 1920x1080 are there any changes you would make ? **it comes out to $1754 on Newegg**
  8. FlyingJalapeno

    Graphics card not being detected

    I just bought a nvidia galaxy geforce gt 640 and I installed it but it's not being detected by my computer
  9. D

    update internet explorer 10

    i just installed windows 7 64 bit os.. now i want update my internet explorer 7 to internet explorer 10.. but it`s telling "Internet explorer 10 can only be installed on windows 7 service pack 1 or higher" how can i update it without installing win 7 sp1????? please help me soon...
  10. KrysuRPK

    Intel i5-3350P and GTX 760 SLI

    Hi guys, I wanted to ask if my i5-3350P CPU will be enough to get the full potential out of two EVGA GTX 760's. I've enabled the turbo boost from the bios, and when i'm gaming the cpu is running at 3.3GHz. Right now i have the MSI Z68A-G43 mainboard, and a 520W psu. I'm planning to buy a new...
  11. C

    Buying a new graphics card, will this work?

    I am going to buy a Radeon 7850 this christmas and I am just making sure before hand that it would be alright to add to my system the way it is :) My specs are: Motherboard - MS-7641 RAM - 8gb ddr3 PSU - 500w CPU - amd fx-6100 So with my currents specs, am I good to just go and buy the gpu...
  12. V

    Samsung 450R5E or HP Pavilion 15-n060

    Good morning. What is laptop better? Task - web-development. Samsung ATIV Book 4 450R5E Anti-Reflective Display Core i5 3230M 2600 Mhz 4 Гб DDR3 1600 Mhz NVIDIA GeForce GT 710M 2048 Мб GDDR3 HP Pavilion 15-n060sr Glossy Display Core i5 4200U 1600 Mhz 8 Гб DDR3 1333 Mhz NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M...
  13. X

    "Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration

    Hi, I'm using an ethernet cord to connect to my internet and it has been working well until Thursday morning when I turned on my laptop (Windows 8) to see a yellow triangle sign in the bottom right hand corner, in front of the ethernet connected symbol. Since then I haven't been able been able...
  14. G


    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?) I have just set up my home network (2 computers). I used internet connection sharing wizard. My host computer still accesses the internet just fine. The client computer however will load up some websites just...
  15. G

    Capturing digital Dolphins

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi By means of sorcery or software, would anyone know a clever technique of transferring Sony DAT (TCD-D100) material to hard disc in such a way that the timestamps are automatically captured. Over 50 tapes of marine mammal sound for post grad...
  16. D

    Best cooling for my system?

    Hey. I have the Thermaltake Chaser A31 and I was wondering if adding 2 Corsair SP120 Quiet Edt. as front intake and 2 AF140 quiet edt. for top exhaust would help cool down my system? And is it even worth it? This is my current airflow: This is how I want it to be:
  17. P

    Looking for Quality Speakers under $60

    Looking for computer speakers, subwoofer, suround sound if possible. I like quality sounds and not loud sounds, ty.
  18. xrokcer08

    Newegg and ontrac

    I ordered a saphire 7870 oc from new egg but i saw that ontrac will give my package. i was reading reviews for them and there bad i want to know if ontrac is really that bad as they say. i am starting to worry that i wont get my order :(
  19. T

    DMC devil may cry Dx9-32bit exe

    hell guys i jsut bought DMC the games runs great but i have a question whenver i alt tab out of the game and move the mouse over the exe i get Dx9 32-bit even tough i'm running widnows 7 ultimate 64-bit is this a game issue or windows?
  20. G

    Dry Your Clothes While Grabbing Power From Wind

    The more clothes you dry, the more power you get. Dry Your Clothes While Grabbing Power From Wind : Read more