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  1. M

    indigo prophecy soundtrack

    I've just recently started playing indigo prophecy and realised that the soundtrack is really good. Some of the tunes the guy plays on the guitar are just question is, is there anyway i could download these songs?
  2. P

    Ipad worth it?

    I am thinking about getting an Ipad as I will probably be donating my laptop soon and I was wondering what everyone thinks about the Ipad. Would it be worth the money if I would use it mainly to check emails and surf the web?
  3. D

    Elder scrolls 4 Oblivion Crash

    Ok so here is the deal, I have had oblivion for awhile and ran it on beautifully on an older machine. Well now I just built "cheap" machine to see what it could do and here it is: Intel MOBO Intel P4 HT 3.0ghz intel c33224-003 fan 4 GB of ram ATI HD 2650 gpu, AGP, 512gdd3 pixel shader 4.0 160gb...
  4. D

    K(V?)M Recommendations

    Could anyone recommend me a KM/KVM solution? I'd simply like to be able to control two computers (one OS X, the other Windows 7) with one USB mouse and one USB keyboard. The video isn't really necessary - so I suppose a more accurate question would be "could someone recommend a hardware or...
  5. wanamingo

    The American Difference. Do the Times just think Americans don't need to know whats going on in the world? Or Are they just trying to sell magazines?
  6. G

    Looking for a game cant remember the title

    Alright so i'm looking for a game its for the PC its single player I dont remember much about it.. I remember in the beginning of the game you couldn't use the boat because of the winter froze the ocean water and it had a lot of bandits you would run into while traveling, also I remember you...
  7. A

    What is a problem of tv lcd screen flashing

    I have/bought new Sony bravia 32" and the screen was flashing and no sound, what is a problem? I can solve it? Taye E-mail : Addis Ababa, Ehtiopia.
  8. amdfangirl

    Study shows 90% of computer users don't know Crtl-F...

    90% don't know what Ctrl-F does... Usability article above... The stupidity of users can be summed up by A Don's comment on the above article... :D
  9. P

    How well would this rig run Battlefield 3 (Ultra?)

    CPU: AMD FX 8350 Black Edition 8 Cores @ 4.0GHz CPU Cooler: Xigmatek Dark Knight Nighthawk SD1283 Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Motherboard: Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 RAM: 8GB Corsair 1866mhz Vengeance (2x4GB) Hard Drive: 2TB S-ATAIII 6.0Gb/s Optical Drive...
  10. J

    Operating system cds for pc

    hello my name is john i want to know do anyone know how i could get operating system cds for my dell dimension 4300.the person who i bought it from sold his store to another person that didnt know how to contact the seller that sold me the dell dimension 4300. so if you know on this issue let me...
  11. P

    LCD Or Plasma - What's Your Pleasure? (March 9 0 )

    Idea like a lightbulb. Although perhaps not practical,howbowt a thin solor panel type back panel integrated into the LCD. A biproduct of the 'white light utilized perhaps,enough energy to run a small appliance,charge some batteries,or run an extra feature of the LCD. While probably not...
  12. N


    I purchased a 9" color TV that runs off of 12 Volts DC FOR USE OVER A BATHTUB. But now I understand that despite the low voltage input, there may indeed be high voltage internally (flyback transformer) and thus be dangerous if operated near water. True? Is there any reasonably priced (<=$200)...
  13. J

    In need a dell xps 630 or 630i case

    Hi everyone, Im looking for a dell xps 630 or 630i case with the black bezel. I only need the case, nothing else. Anyone? :)
  14. Jordannn15

    WTS/WTT: PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk II 950w

    For sale is a PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk II 950w as stated in title. It is in like new condition and I have only been using it for about a month now. All the cables are nicely sleeved in black, it runs extremely quiet because of its fan design it only spins and cools itself when needed. Will...
  15. thundervore

    [FS] D-Link DNS-323 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure $70 SHIPPED!

    D-Link DNS-323 Ive had the enclosure for less than a year, but never got to really use it as i switched to Windows...
  16. G

    Wireless networking

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.broadbandnet.hardware (More info?) Is there any way to hook up to wireless network ( Microsoft Wireless-G Kit that has PC'S with XP ) with an iMac using USB port? I have an extra 710 usb adaptor but I can't find any info as to software or other ifo...
  17. gordonie

    FOR SALE: intel i7, gtx 670 gaming desktop.

    HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTER (LIKE NEW) This is a high-end performance-based computer that is custom built to spec and finished late June 2012. (We test the computer two months before selling to make sure there are no problems with the build) This computer can run any game on the market on highest...
  18. C

    FS: 4Gb OCZ High Performance DDR3 Memory 2x2Gb (OCZ3G1600LV4GK)

    I am selling two 2Gb sticks of OCZ Gold (4Gb total). The model number is OCZ3G1600LV4GK. I used this RAM for almost a year and a half, but have now upgraded to 4x4Gb Gskill RAM, so I no longer need this. I have had no issues with the memory and it works great, and passes all tests in Memtest86+...
  19. J

    Selling Parts - I7 930, ASUS Rampage III extreme and more

    Selling Parts from my previous computer, recently changed out the CPU, RAM and Mobo Intel Core I7 930 Asus Rampage III Extreme Kingston HyperX T1 Series 12 Gigs...