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  1. rimike4

    I NEED A DEAL ON A 1tb-1.5tb HARD DRIVE!!!!

    I NEED A DEAL ON A 1tb-1.5tb HARD DRIVE!!!! HELP ME FIND A GOOD DEAL ON A 1tb hard drive
  2. D

    Core i7 3770K Gaming PC - $1250 OBO

    I am selling a pc that I intended to use as a gaming pc but now Im beginning to think that a laptop would be better suited for my needs Fully Working, Has not been overclocked but can be if you want, stock case fans have all been replaced with cougar vortex pwm silent fans This build is...
  3. R

    Full upgrade (for some) uk

    s775 motherboard asrock (will update with the model number tomorrow) s775 intel Quadcore 9400 +hsf 4gb Corsair XMS HD radeon 5870 XFX XXX (oc version) 1gb Looking for £250 posted may split. Can paypal,postal orders or collect in person near manchester UK (bolton) feel free to ask any...
  4. R

    5870 XXX edition - Q9400 - 4Gb XMS - ASROCK mobo FS(UK)

    Hi guys ive finally got my new rig working and i have as the title says for sale.... 5870 XXX edition 1Gb DDR 5 - fully boxed - Perfect condition looks brand new fully boxed, v good card never had a problem with it. Q9400 intel CPU - comes with Arctic pro 7 freezer - both have worked geat...
  5. S

    Why are my desktop icons getting duplicated

    Why are my desktop icons getting duplicated
  6. G

    DWL-122 USB WI-FI Dongle Not Recognized on Boot

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?) I have a D-Link DWL-122 USB Wi-Fi Dongle connected to my desktop system Windows XP SP2 system. When I reboot the machine, the Dongle is not recognized. If I disconnect the dongle, and plug it back into the USB port, it...
  7. M

    Cheap Decent Computer Build

    Motherboard: EVGA x58 ftw3 3 way sli Processor : i7-930 lga 1366 2.8MHz OC to 4.0MHz Memory: Patriot Sector 6gb ddr3 ram Case: raid max with 3 fan Psu: 600watts Drive: Seagate barracuda 1.5tb 7200rpm fast Cpu cooler: intel heatsink 120mm(good for overclocking) Gpu: evga gforce GT 430 (can handle...
  8. G

    FS: XFX 6970 2GB

    EDIT: SOLD I just bought two of these last month new from Amazon for $350 each: But now I've replaced one with a 6990, so I'm looking to sell it. It's in perfect condition, never been...
  9. R

    Auto detect my computer sound card driver

    Kindly detect the sound card Driver and install the same
  10. P

    Motherboard Intel

    So I am going to sell my Intel DP67BG.