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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Using memory with different latency settings

    * Update on the post below * I've been running the mixed RAM for almost two weeks now, with no apparent problems. The applications are fairly memory-intensive, particularly Cubase used with dozens of virtual instruments loaded. Also lots of 4K video work, using DaVinci Resolve. Everything...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Latency issues?

    So im having an issue with my internet where I can connect to web pages (like youtube,etc) and watch videos and movies with almost no issue. However when I try and play games online there if frequent latency issues (I cant move, but I can watch others in real time). In addition to this my...
  3. OMGItsTrauma

    [SOLVED] AT&T not giving the low latency I expect

    I have fairly decent fiber internet from at&t but for some reason it has some really bad latency issues. For example , if I am playing a game such as League of legends or Rainbow Six: Seige I could have an average of maybe 30-60 ping but thing thing is there is a constant spike in that putting...
  4. M

    Question Setting up a 2nd monitor on the other side of the house

    I wish to pass display (and other I/O peripherals) from my main PC over a distance of 70-90 feet to another desk in my house. I know it would be easier to just have a laptop but a comparable laptop would simply cost too much. My house has an existing UTP cables in walls but no room for...