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Latency spikes

Forum discussion tagged with Latency spikes.
  1. S

    Question High latency between Computer and Router

    Hi, I am curious if someone could suggest possible causes, course of action to identify problem, and solution (maybe my router is just on the fritz).. So I was having issues with CSGO feeling like things weren't registering well. I didn't have any dropped packets, but my ping historgram...
  2. Question Audio latency issues

    For a few months now, my PC has been experiencing latency spikes. Audio dropouts are exceedingly common, and I can't seem to properly diagnose what is causing this problem. This all started when I installed a new HDD, a WD Blue. Of note is that it spun at 5400rpm, which I initially deduced to be...
  3. Question Audio latency issues

    For a few months now, my PC has been experiencing latency spikes. These initially manifested as no more than audio dropouts, but eventually have begun to escalate into visual dragging, as well. Audio popping is very common now, and the mouse dragging when I try to move it is slightly less so...
  4. Zio Kandaka

    Question Why i have different ping with the same connection?

    Hey thanks for reading my question. I am playing games on my laptop using wireless connection. It was fine until the few last months. Now i have unstable ping between 60-140 ms. It used to be stable at 20 ms. I contacted the ISP and they say there is no problem. I tried to run the game on my...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Would 2 routers provide higher bandwidth/reduce bandwidth-related problems?

    Hi guys. I currently have rather poor internet speeds (7Mbps down, 1Mbps up), and due to the mostly large number of devices connected to our router (+ bandwidth-hogging devices, e.g. streaming devices), the internet becomes essentially unusable besides general internet browsing. I am currently...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Latency Spikes and Packet Loss even when connection is Idle. HELP!!

    I am having latency spikes and sometimes getting packet loss even when the connection is idle. Its making my online gaming experience unbearable. I also tried connecting the ethernet cable directly to the PC but still I am getting the issue. I have also spoken with the ISP but they are not...
  7. [SOLVED] Very high Windows 10 WiFi latency

    Ever since the Anniversary Update (I'm currently using the latest 1909 build 18363.476), my WiFi latency started to get these weird spikes and especially when you either search for WiFi networks from Windows or use any WiFi analyzing application. I've tried every single driver out there for my...
  8. Z

    [SOLVED] Having trouble with loaded latency, heard a good router could potentially fix it?

    I am with BT and we have the best HomeHub and broadband that they offer. Unfortunately, often as soon as there are 3 or more people connected to the WiFi it will just completely frazz out and at least one person's internet will be dreadful and constantly drop. I Googled it and apparently a good...
  9. C

    Question Audio cracking, sound cutting out

    Hello, i upgraded SSD, installed a fresh copy of windows with new key and all, installed a new motherboard and now i got audio cracking and cutting out, ive tried updating and downdating drivers without any luck, tho im not100% sure which i need to, updated chipst, sound, graphics and network...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] Massive ping spikes after some time PLEASE HELP

    Hello, I am really having a big big issue that i am really not able to solve whatsoever by googling. Ive been doing it for over a month now but nothing. Cleaned my pc several times with a complete negative on AV's (Malwarebytes, Bitdefender, Kaspersky), even tried manually looking up some files...
  11. K

    Question Why am I getting a higher ping on my Ethernet connection than my wireless connection?

    In the past few weeks, I have been getting worse ping. On Ethernet, my ping usually rests at 50-60 ping but sometimes might go up to 100-500 ping which is obviously frustrating. A month ago, I was getting 10-30 ping consistently with ethernet. Since my connection has gotten a lot worse, I tried...
  12. A

    Question Access point causes network wide lag

    Okay so the main router we have isn't strong enough to cover our entire house and we lose signal in the bedrooms, so I decided to get a access point. But for some reason whenever I turn it on, my network becomes unstable even with wired connections to the main router. There is sometimes even up...
  13. R

    X370 or B350

    I was gifted an MSI X370 Gaming Plus motherboard brand new. I was thinking of building with a Ryzen 5 1600 and a B350 but now that I have a X370 should I just keep it or sell it to buy a B350?
  14. D

    what would be a good PSU

    i want to know how much wattage should my PSU have i7 6700 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950 1x 8GB RAM not shure what my drivers are could you tell me around what number i would need