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    Question Dell Latitude E5500 CPU Ugrade / Experience

    Hello, Ive got an E5500 with a P8700 Core 2 Duo and Intel GMA 4500 MHD Graphics. In my opinion it is still quite a capable Machine, especially now that I put and SSD into it. But the CPU could be a bit better so I started research. I found this old post...
  2. B

    Question changing the dell logo/splash screen

    hi, I have number of Dell Latitude E7440's that I am wiping, so they can go to a charity and I am just wondering is possible to remove the dell logo and company message from the initial start up screen ? or just even the company message
  3. Z

    [SOLVED] Do I need to update my BIOS for this?

    Okay, so I have a Dell Latitude 3189, but I have a question. Some programs crash very fast (ex: Chrome, it says aw snap! and something with the memory being full). The RAM isn't full at all, it's like on 50% usage. But, on the support site for the laptop, it says that there's a BIOS update...
  4. J

    Question BSOD, lost C drive, cannot reinstall Windows, missing NTFS file?

    Hi. I'm tearing my hair out with an 11 month old laptop. It rebooted and I got the BSOD. Subsequent reboots just went through to the set up screen, and then to the Troubleshooting options, none of which did anything to help. It was obvious it just couldn't find the C drive - when going to the...
  5. [SOLVED] Weird folders in C:/Windows/Temp

    Hi, so since a few days some weird folders that start with tw and end with .tmp keep appearing in the C:/Windows/Temp folder. They seem to appear at random times and they contain no files in them. I already did a full virus scan with ESET and ESET SysRescue which both had 0 threats found, I...
  6. Z

    [SOLVED] Need some help with PC.

    Hello, so I currently have this: i5 6600k, asus strix 1080, asus prime z170-a, 2x4gb 2400mhz corsair ram, samsung 750 250gb ssd, corsair 850m psu and a nzxt 530 source case. I want to sell this pc for a new one.(For a number of reasons) I will need a 75% gaming, 25% work PC, budget: ~2000€, Thanks!
  7. N

    Question LED and fans works but no display output

    TL : DR My pc won't boot after putting it to sleep by accident and cutting off the power supply. Need help or suggestion on the issue. So last night i accidentally clicked sleep instead of shut down on the start menu. Then i wanted to start it up again by pressing the start button just so i can...
  8. CRaSHeCLiPs

    Question missing Microsoft audio setting

    I was going through my HP that I got as a replacement for my old Acer aspire, I noticed that the advanced audio was missing 3 settings including equalizer, and simulated environments. anyone know why and how I don't have those settings and how to get them on my HP
  9. Bob Dylan Blue

    Question What's wrong with my pc?

    I recently bought a gaming pc from Amazon heres the link It's a Cyberpowerpc wyvern it has an RX590 (Red Devil) with Intel i5 8400. I've noticed that it isn't performing as it should...
  10. B

    Question Pc not starting

    I have had a HP prebuilt for about a year now and as of about 6 months ago it would (normally while playing games or sleeping) shut down. The only way to turn it on was to unplug cord (no switch in back of psu) wait a bit, Plug it back in. Something weird is that it would turn on by its self...
  11. J

    PC Starting Up with No Display

    Hey all, I woke up to a nice surprise today, my PC (built about 6 months ago) wasn't outputting a signal to the display. Last night, I put the computer to sleep. I then went to use it for work this morning, just to find that after waking it up, the display was not working. I restarted the PC...
  12. J

    Help me please

    I have 2 seperate 8gb modules of ddr4 ram at 2400mhz and when i go to cpu z its says dual channel but nb frequency says 1197.1mhz
  13. I

    Program keeps starting on startup, doesn't uninstall, doesn't show up in Startup list

    A few years ago, a friend sent me an AutoHotkey.exe script for autojumping in video games. I deleted the script, but it kept starting up everytime I restarted my computer. I looked in the "Uninstall a program" list, but it did not show up. I looked in msconfig at the list of startup programs...
  14. E

    [SOLVED] SSD/HDD in Laptop, want to replace HDD with another SSD

    Hello, My laptop has one of the small SSD's at 120 GB and a 1 TB HDD. I have an older 180 GB SSD. As a novice, my first attempt was to simply swap the HDD for the SSD. The computer didn't load fully. Obviously some OS file are stored on the HDD. What method would I use, if possible, to get...
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    Can't find problem on my motherboard

    At first im not pc expert! My PC instantly reboots after 5-10 seconds when Windows Starts. Thats why i cannot run any app which can check errors... All capacitors and visually MB looks good. Testing all my components separately with new PC i figured out that problem is Motherboard. Anyone know...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] Help with my pc crash please.

    Hi, my pc in middle of gameplay crashes to blue screen or crashes to a flickering black screen witg gray square, I can't game but I can do web casually, here is my pc specs: I7 3770 6-7 y/o Asus Z77 VLX 1x8 2x2 (12gb ram ddr3 1333mhz) Gtx 1080 bottlenecked (cpu on 100% gpu doesnt utilities it...
  17. N

    GPU not fully utilized? Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

    i7 8700k, GTX 1080ti, 16gb RAM This is the only game that almost seems to not realize I have a GPU. I've searched all over to see if others are having this problem and haven't really found anything. This game has heavy CPU load for me, and very low GPU load. My CPU usage can get as high as...
  18. M

    2018/2019 Rate My Pc

    I have a 1500$ (AUD). First time going to buy/build this PC. I be using it for gaming/ editing/ streaming and school work. RATE MY PC AND TIPS THANKYOU
  19. Supahawk01

    Oil gauge rests at 0 when idling, returns to normal while increasing RMPs.

    Basically exactly what is happening in this video, I'm going to try replacing what he did, but in the mean time, you guys have any other ideas? 4.6L V8 Ford Mustang GT
  20. C

    Where to connect headset

    Hello guys, this is probably dumb question, but im not sure where to plug 3.5 mm green jack of my headphones. This is back of my mobo