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  1. B

    What kind of processor would I need to run a nvidia gtx 960ti.

    Currently I'm running a intel core i5-2400 3.1ghz with nvidia gtx 750ti, I want to upgrade to something a but better and I'm looking at a nvidia gtx 960ti but I'm not very computer smart and I need to know what kind of processor to buy.
  2. J

    Two hard drives booting issue?

    So i have two hard drives one with a OS and one for just storage and every time the PC boots i'm sure it try's to boot into the hard drive without the OS and it takes like 5 restarts before it boots into the right hard drive. Any way to set the hard drive (without the OS) as a non bootable drive...
  3. IAmAZ3R0

    I need advice.

    I am having a hard time choosing and I would like advice on this topic. I really want both of these things but I don't know which I should choose. I could really use a new editor because my current one is old and slow, but then again I could also use a 144hz monitor. So the question is, should...
  4. P

    Stuck at BIOs Screen New PC build

    So I've just built a pc went to start up and I just loops BIOs on startup. I've pretty much tries everything I can think of. I've even sent the motherboard back for a new one and it won't work. Specs are: Motherboard: ASUS PRIME BW50M-A Cpu: i7-7700 lga1151 Ram: Hyper x 16gb Cooler: Coolmaster...
  5. A

    REALLY CHEAP upgrade pc

    My friend has an athlon x2 4800+ and a gt 630 2gb ddr3 6gb of ddr2. He struggles to run csgo on his monitor resolution of 1024x1024, or something around that(a square screen anyway).So i think that if i would upgrade his cpu first and get him a q6600 and 2 more gb of ram so he would have 8gb...
  6. S

    Upgrade or sell PC?

    Hello. So recently I'm getting paid $750 and I wanted to know if I should use the money and upgrade my current build, or sell my PC and use the extra money for a better one? My PC I7 2600 8gb ram Gtx 1050ti
  7. F

    Ram issues, anyone willing to trade or offer suggestions for a fix?

    My cvurrent ram is not supported by my motherboard and based on what i have been reading It doesnt look like it will be anytime soon. It has been causing my computer to lag and freeze and just not function the way a 1600 dollar computer should. The ram I am currently using is G.Skill Ripjaws V...
  8. N

    Only one core is being used.

    Hello! I have FX 4300 overclocked to 4Ghz (Not turbo mode). I was playing L.A.Noire and I had stutters, I opend task manager and played again and saw that one core was 100% loaded and others at 20-30%. Any ideas how to fix it?
  9. T

    Best Budget 144hz or 120hz monitor

    Hello, i'm currently using a 42 inch 1366*768 TV as my gaming display and it's awful. I'm looking for a good monitor that's about 144hz and 1080p but i'm on a $220 budget. I have an RX 480 8gb so freesync would be nice but it's not necessary...
  10. F

    this is probably a virus

    i have 4 ram windows 7 my physical memory 80 Lowest not running anything
  11. C

    [Help] Cant initialize SSD due to "device not ready" and diskpart shows Size of the ssd is 0gb

    I used my samsung evo for a couple of days on my old macbook (running el capitan) as an internal drive and now I'm trying to set it up as an external drive for my other Windows 10 laptop. The only problem is, I cant initialize it. Disk mgmt shows "device not ready". The drive is not showing...
  12. Fulano5321

    Does dual channel mode work with 4 sticks of RAM?

    I've not been in a situation where I can test this myself... But I've yet to find a definite answer if Dual Channel can work with 4 sticks of RAM or not. I'm very familiar with getting it to work with 2 sticks, but people keep asking me if it works with 4 sticks. I don't want to give the wrong...
  13. Coedgy

    Getting FM radio working on Bluetooth speaker

    Gmini Bluetooth speaker has FM option but it cant find any stations?
  14. LTVETTE2

    Comcast x1, HDD, expansion

    I have an older Comcast X1 box. It works fine for the most part. Had to get in an lube small fan that was getting noisy. I hate to trade in boxes because you lose all recordings. As I was in there, I notice a regular sized Seagate 500gb drive. Can I up that to 1,2, or 3 tb? And if I do, is there...
  15. C

    Pc hdmi to LCD Tv

    I just bought a gaming pc with only the windows installed. I only have a Lcd Tv which says its PC compatible. When i connect hdmi from PC to Lcd it says NO Signal What should I do. I don't have any other tv/monitor.
  16. H

    Ink cartridge replacement.

    Just purchased a hp 302 black ink cartridge for my hp 3630 printer. When installed both triicolour and black show as empty. When I remove the black one the tricicolour shows ok.
  17. T

    Complete new build, or just replace dead motherboard?

    I built this PC back around 2012, but the motherboard is dead. I believe the remaining hardware is okay, (motherboard fried due to storm) but I am wondering if it would be better to upgrade at this point to something more current since I have no guarantee the CPU, memory, GPU, etc is still...
  18. F

    Why are all games suddenly running extremely slow?

    Before I would be able to run Dying Light well over 60 FPS with ease.... one day I was messing around with my friends on a clicker game (I know I know sshhh it's terrible I get it) but I decided it would be a good idea to autoclick overnight so that I can pass them all... heh heh heh. When I...
  19. E

    NZXT Phantom 820 tower chassis power bottom faulty

    The power button on my son's NZXT Phantom 820 tower has developed an intermittent fault: Sometimes will not power up computer, other times my son holds down power bottom & flicks wall socket switch on & off with foot until he manages to get it to power up! Any suggestions would be appreciated...
  20. A

    Best i7 Laptop within $1.5K for running virtual machines , multi tasking & photoshop

    Best i7 Laptop within $1.5K for running virtual machines, multi-tasking & photoshop Please give me multiple options detailing the differences in performance if possible. Researched a bit and found these: 1) Dell Inspiron 15 5559 Z566112SIN9 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i7-6500U/16GB/2TB/Window 10/...