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  1. T

    HDD Wiped my secondary drive

    Hi guys, So just plugged a seemingly non-functioning HDD into my computer running windows 10 and its instantly wiped my F:drive clean,i have no idea how its done this,it was used externally for an xbox to store games as far as i understand and when plugged into my computer via a USB it chimed to...
  2. P

    1080 ti FE: Additional heat vs loud(er) Fan. Which poison to pick?

    Hey everyone, I just purchased a 1080 ti FE directly from Nvidia. This thing is a beast. Overall, it's tough to find anything negative to say about a card as capable as this one. However, I was a little concerned with how hot this thing gets under load (Mine was getting up to the well...
  3. AmineXclusive

    Which Gaming PC for a 32'' FullHD TV

    . . Hi Guys, So i have this Samsung TV UE32F5070 FullHD 1920x1080@60Hz , and i need you guys to help me buy a gaming PC for this TV .... ( CPU - GPU - PSU - RAM - Mobo ) only intel and Nvidia. I'm planning to play games at 1080p and i'm wondering if i can play at 1440p !! Thanks...
  4. L

    Where are non-FE 1080 Ti's?

    Hey guys! The 1080 Ti is a beast for the value, one of the best of today, but I cant find 3rd parties manufacturers, like eVGA, ASUS, etc... Did they already came out? Those are better than the FE. Thanks!
  5. yemmyow

    Lag spikes, freezing / unfreezing slow performance in Windows 10 NEW PC!

    So I am having issues with my brand new PC rig custom build. Here are the specs. - i7 6600k 4-core processor 4.0GHz - 16GB DDR4 RAM 3200mhz - Gigabye ZA170x Gaming 5 motherboard - Nvidia Geforce 1060 3GB - 128GB SSD - windows installation directory - 500GB 2.5 HDD - all games, programs, non...
  6. J

    What GPU could I use?

    Short and Sweet: I have a potato for a computer and would like to get a GPU that could run DayZ properly. However, I don't even know if my PC could support an upgrade such as this. If anyone can suggest a compatible GPU. CPU i5 2400 RAM 8GB DDR3 MOB Dell 0F6X5P PSU 240W If I'm missing...
  7. T

    Windows 10 Pricing

    Can somebody tell me why windows 10 pro in the US is 200 dollars but in Germany it is 9 euros!!!! The last time i checked that is about 10 dollars I mean Microsoft is evil <<Inappropriate language removed by moderator. This is a family friendly site. Keep it clean, please.>>
  8. R

    how to create a UEFI bootable thumbdrive for Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    hi all, does anyone have a guide/ or how-to, to create and UEFI bootable thumbdrive for Windows 10 Pro 64bit? what are the steps? what do i need to do? what do i require? thank you all.
  9. D

    Point to point

    I'm looking to set up a point to point system for internet. I am approximately 1.75mi. Away from a family member who has comcast which is not provided for us to me due to my rural address. At ground level it's clean site. I plan on location the dishes roughly 15-17' above ground level. My...
  10. J

    6 monitors what do i need to do it cheap

    ok. here it goes. my setup is gigabyte x99 phoenix sli mobo, nvme samsung ssd 950 scsi, 8 stix of ram =64. i-7 5820k cpu 3.30 ghz video card geforce 960 04g-p4-3966-kr 1600 watt power supply. i want to run 6 monitors to be able to view 6 websites at the same time and when not doing that the...
  11. G

    Upgrading Prebuilt Gaming PC

    I am looking to upgrade the CyberPower PC Gamer Ultra Processor 3.8 GHz FX-4300 RAM 8 GB SDRAM DDR3 Hard Drive 1 TB SATA III Graphics Coprocessor Nvidia GeForce GT 720 Chipset Brand NVIDIA Card Description dedicated Graphics Card Ram Size 1 GB Other Technical Details Brand Name...
  12. G

    My 144hz monitor is only running at 60hz help, was literally just running at 1080p and 144hz before I unplugged.

    I literally just unplugged my computer and went to the local lan center and brought my monitor to play 144hz there. Upon coming home and plugging my display port back into my laptop I am only getting 60hz. I literally was just running 144hz and 1080p before I left 1900x w.e it is. Now 1440x900...
  13. AndrewDafuqq

    Best IEMs/Earphones for iPhone Music?

    Hey, My Shure SE215s recently broke and now I am looking for an "upgrade" to the and found these two options: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones OR MEEAudio M6 PRO Earphones What I am looking for in these earphones are comfort, convience (inline remote w/ control and volume) and also am...
  14. C

    Automatically enter in Bios (Asus h110m-k)

    Hello. My problem is the following: - I have a motherboard Asus H110m-k alongside an i3 6100 & 2400mhz 8 GB ddr4. - Every time I start my PC I enter in Bios, I don't understand why this happens. - I want my normal boot Windows not to enter in bios.
  15. S

    Can this Laptop be Upgraded Lenovo y50-70 touch

    I have recently built a high end gaming pc and I am still using this laptop as my portable. To say the least it feels a little slower to this pc and I was wondering if there was anything I could do that would be able to bring it (somewhat) up to par with my current desktop. Or if this is at...
  16. D

    How can I connect my USB cam to an HDMI port?

    I have very expensive webcam that outputs only through its own usb cable. I need to connect this cam to my video mixer, which accepts only HDMI or composite video. Is there an adapter available to allow me to connect this USB cable to an HDMI port?
  17. M

    Black screen while gaming

    Hi,i recently bought a gaming pc (gigabyte rx 480 G1 gaming 8gb, i5 6400, h110-s2h, segotep nuclear aircraft 520W 85% 80+) and after 1 min of crysis 3, 5-10 min of gta 5 and others, my computer screen goes black,or gray,or... and i can just restars(if i do it imediatelly after the screen goes...
  18. J

    cpu which one will work

    Hi everyone, I need some help, I currently have a ASUS M11AD Desktop running an i5-444os @ 2.8GHZ, 12GB ram and NVIDIA GT620. I know that it is not the best pc...far fromit. I fly fsx alot and the performance is very poor. I want to upgrade my cpu as fsx is a very cpu intensive program but im...
  19. K

    Buying a new gpu which goes with my monitor

    So my good old gtx 760 said no to life, which forces me to go for a new gpu. The problem here is my monitor, which is an S22A350H, a 21.5 inch monitor which only has vga and hdmi input. The way i used this gpu with my monitor is a simple vga to dvi-i converter. The new gpu which id like to buy...
  20. S

    Blue Screen of Death. Please help.

    I had windows 8.1 just a couple of days ago and it was working fine. While windows was in the middle of downloading updates I accidentally restarted the computer. Since then, I've been getting Whey_uncorrectable_error's multiple times for no reason. Because I thought it was a update issue I...