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  1. clutchc

    Need Malwarebytes Alternative

    Does anyone know of a good quality Malwarebytes alternative? One that.... 1) has a lifetime license 2) can run real time 3) is US based 4) if not free, at least isn't $40/year like Malwarebytes 5) isn't a resource hog that will slow down my PC
  2. M

    Sound-jacks not working properly on my motherboard?

    Hi, So I've had my current PC for about half a year now, and I must point out it's a pre-built. Now with my headset previously, I would have to wiggle the connection around a fair bit to get it in a position where the sound would work properly - but I put this down to my headset being cheap...
  3. S

    I have a weird problem in the game Dying Light

    So I recently bought dying light and I hace a very weird problem. At the menu my keyboard and mouse work 100% but when i start a game, my mouse works, but my keyboard doesn't. It's not that it's only doesn't work in the game, it doesn't work at all, I see the light that it works but i can't do...
  4. D

    used pc parts

    i was wondering if buying a desktop pc with an i5 2400 with 8gb of ram and a 500gb hard drive is worth it for gaming , i am planing on buying a used hd 7970 for the build also . this will be my first pc build as i am only 13. ps. i would buy a 500w psu also
  5. A

    FPS problem in games

    Had this problem after I factory reset my pc. I've installed all the new drivers for my graphics card etc but when I open games up I've used Fallout 4 and Rome 2 and the fps doesn't go above 7 it's either 6 or 7 fps and usually it's a constant 60 anyone have an idea whats up?
  6. A

    Bottleneck on CS:GO GTX 750ti!!

    Hello guys Well yesterday i bougth a new graphics card, a Gtx750ti (MSI OC edition) Works pretty good in most of my games (Dual core e5500 8gb ram ddr3) But there's a fuckng bottleneck (that's what i think it is) in CS:GO :( it's so horrible that i cant move around the maps ! What do you...
  7. K

    Multi-boot Win7 install

    Is it possible to install Win7 in a logical partition without eating up the C drive? I have MS DOS and the boot files for XP on C and don't like to mess that up. I reserved a partition for Win7 on this drive when I set it up and just got around to installing it. Setup: Athlon 64 dual core...
  8. T

    Memory Increased usage and Disk read/write spikes

    Since I moved into the dorms this year, I a college student, I have been having issues with memory. Before I could leave my computer on for days weeks even without having to restart, but once I got it set up in my dorm its hard to keep it on for a day without used memory getting to 60% with...
  9. B

    i am unable to connect my Netgear router to my windows 10 laptop.

    I have a N300 Netgear WIFI Router and have it hooked up to my smartphone but when I got this new laptop it shows up the Netgear 49 in the WIFI coluumn on the laptop but when I press on it it wants a security code. I finally found it on my smartphone connection details and Netgear said it is the...
  10. T

    i recently bought this pc and when it came it had a very noticable scratch on the front of the case any help

    i recently bought this pc and when it came it had a very noticable scratch on the front of the case any help...
  11. A

    What cooler shoulf i use if i want to overclock my i7 6700k to 4.8 -5ghz?

    My current build is this Ignore the cooler, i thought id be able to push 4.8 ghz with that but probably wont work, please help.
  12. Z

    Can I upgrade to an i7?

    Hey all my current processor is an INTEL CORE I5-4690K 3.50 GHZ 6MB INTEL SMART CACHE LG, and I'm looking to upgrade to something beefier, as well as more memory, but that's beside the point. My motherboard (MSI Z97S SLI KRAIT EDITION ATX LGA 1150) says that the maximum support is i7. However...
  13. tyler_55

    Can I use 1 RAM stick with this build? (16gb)

    I have ordered the following off Amazon and want to know if having 1 RAM stick is fine. SPECS: MOBO: GPU: RAM...
  14. M

    How many SATA connectors does this Powersupply have?

    Hello, I have 6 Sata drives and I wonder if the new EVGA SUPERNOVA G3 650w can be sufficient for my needs From what I see here: I see that SATA is 6x that means it supports up to 6 drives or 3?! Although by taking a look at the...
  15. F

    Card vs Cooling

    Hello. I've been looking at the EVGA Superclocked black edition card. I was pretty set on getting it until I watched a video saying if you had a pre built PC, which I do. I bought from ASUS that you should "Rethink getting a non blower card. I was wondering If getting the Superclocked card...
  16. A

    Does Motherboard affect the gaming performance. Fps in games

    Hello friends, I want to know that is there any effect of motherboard on gaming. I am not going to do SLI. I will do over clocking but slightly. My specs- i5 6600k Gtx 1060 6gb As rock Z170 pro 4s motherboard. Is this motherboard good for gaming on single gpu.?