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  1. forianzsiga

    Question Help troubleshooting faulty laptop display ?

    Hi y'all! My question would be how can i diagnose blank screen problem on a laptop? No backlight turned on when boot. I wanna know if its the pc or the screen is faulty. Is it possible to connect the PC screen serial via USB to my Desktop and see if it gives out voltage or not? If there's...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Laptop screen shows only backlight after it boots into windows?

    Hello, I created another thread about this for some weeks ago but I decided to create a new one now that I have more information about my issue. So it all started when I decided to change the battery of my laptop. When I tried to start it after the change, I got no image from the internal...
  3. Frizki

    Question Screen Bleeding? it is normal?

    Hi Guys! I have a problem with my brand new laptop (Asus FX505DD) it has some small screen bleeding (i guess??) on top right corner. Is this normal ? it has 120hz and TN panel View:
  4. D

    Question How do you test laptop screens?

    How do you test laptop screens? I have a bunch of laptops screens a friend gave me and a few I scrapped from broken laptop. I want to sell them, but I need to know if they work. I know they the lcd is not broken as I do not see any spots on them. My friend who works with computer told me that...