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    Question How to fix this monitor? These horizontal lines changes from white lines to black lines just after turning on the monitor. Model is LG Flatron L192WS.

    It's a TN LCD panel. These are the things that i tried. 1. Disassembled the monitor and reassembled it's again. 2. Tried to press at the corner of the screen where the horizontal lines are. 3. Connected the laptop with other monitor but everything is fine in that monitor. 4. changed the...
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    Question Each and every time have to press monitor power button to turn my benq lcd display

    Hi, Normal lcd displays turns on itself once cpu power is turn on but in my benq lcd display I have to manually press power button on that benq lcd display to turn on the display each and every time so frustrating. Lcd display model is benq G610hda I have reset the display settings Installed lcd...