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  1. J

    No cd /dvd to install windows

    I have an Alienware x51 r1. In short, the cd drive died some time ago, and I have been using an external drive. The hdd went down recently, so I have replaced that and need to reinstall win 7. I have set the pc to boot from the external drive with win 7 disk in setup utility, but on boot up all...
  2. P

    Erasing Windows 10

    How to erase Windows 10 after clean install.
  3. H

    Motherboard at 112c!

    According to Speccy and CPUID my mobo is at a constant 112c? The CPU, GPU etc. are all fine. What can I do? And what are the effects that this can have on other components and performance etc? I tried to check the mobo temp on my bios but I couldn't find anything. It doesn't feel extremely hot...
  4. Z

    Budget gaming PC

    Hi there, I'm completely new to PC gaming and know nothing about it. Therefore, I would like to buy a PC with limited complications which is why I'm not looking at doing a build just yet. I've found this one but will it be able to...
  5. CrimsonKnight98

    Can someone explain how to overclock a CPU (to a beginner)?

    My specs: CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1045t GPU: GTX 750ti RAM: 8GB 1333 Motherboard: ASUS A97 R2.0 OS: Windows 10 64bit I have been researching how to overclock a CPU and I just do not at all understand it! I understand some of the basics but I don't get how to do it. I have been trying to follow...
  6. PwNix

    Planning to build my first PC in +-2 Months any recommended builds +-€1500?

    Good evening. First off if this question has been ask before recently i apologize, i've been trying to navigate the forums and been hitting one 403 error after another. Might be my works network since my friend has no problems what so ever. Anyways, currently i have a 6 year old prebuild Acer...
  7. T

    Best case for Corsair H90 and H80 watercooling?

    Hi guys, I've just put together a system with the following parts:- Intel Core i7 2600k with Corsair H80 watercooling PowerColor R9 290X 4GB GDDR5 with NZXT Kraken G10 mounting bracket and Corsair H90 watercooling ASUS P8P67-M PRO Motherboard 16GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM 256GB SSD Just wondering...
  8. S

    Will the CPU fit?

    I currently have an AMD FX 8350 processor and want to upgrade to an AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Proccessor (since my motherbaord only allows AMD). My question is will it fit?
  9. steffeeh

    How safe is a NAS server against threats like WannaCry?

    Like the title says, let's say I get a Synology NAS housing (or other) and add in a WD Red, no RAID config, and one use case scenario is that we only use this in our household, while the other is so the rest of our family living on their own also can access the NAS from outside the local network...
  10. V

    Can i pair single channel ddr4 with a dual?

    I have a pc running 16gigs of ddr4 single channel memory. I am thinking about upgrading to 32 Gigs, but will i be able to put two 8 gb sticks in the system?
  11. G

    Does the older PS4 controller work in a PC?

    As I recall, there are currently two models of PS4 controllers. I was thinking about getting myself a PS4 soon, and since my Logitech controller recently gave out I figured I might as well get a PS4 controller that can work on both the PS4 and my PC. I really don't have any interest in the...
  12. J

    Acer R240HY bezel less monitor alternative?

    I am looking for a sleak and nice-looking monitor with thin bezels. I am planning on going double or triple monitor setup later, so that's why I am looking for thin bezels. I found the R240HY as a good budget yet bezel less display. I don't need the best reaction time or anything, it wil be...
  13. K

    MoBo compatible with this Case?

  14. P

    How to I make everything download to my HDD instead of SSD?

    So I recently got some upgrades to my PC and I'm fairly new to building PC's and what not and I have a question. I have windows 10 and a few games on my SSD (as well as all the user and program files on it) (obviously) but now I want everything to start downloading to my HDD games, programs...
  15. S

    new pc turned on ones now it doesn't show sign of power

    hi. i just built a new pc yesterday, i got it up and running installed windows and steam.i then turned off the computer to put in the gpu but when i clicked the start button there were no sign of power at all. sorry for the bad grammar specs cpu: intel i3 7100 Gpu: xfx rx 480 4gb Mobo: msi...
  16. L

    Cloudflare Wants To Protect The IoT With A Firewall Called 'Orbit'

    The company wants to move Internet of Things security out of the '90s and into the modern age. Cloudflare Wants To Protect The IoT With A Firewall Called 'Orbit' : Read more
  17. K

    RAM Memory not working

    So i bought a new RAM memory of 4gb ddr3 1600MHz and and placed it in one of the 2 slots i have.After i start the pc i look at my computer's properties and only have 2gb of (the one i had in the first place) which is also ddr 3 and the frequency i am pretty sure is 1333MHz.I thought i had to...
  18. A

    ryzen 5 1600 vs i5 6600k vs i5 7600

    Basically title. Which gets me more fps in minecraft While recordimg Tk Paired with gtx 1060 6gb
  19. I

    RX 480 to record in 1080p 60fps?

    Can the RX 480 8GB record games at 1080p 60fps?
  20. X

    Confusion with RAM upgrade

    I'm looking for a RAM upgrade for my Asus b75m-a motherboard, I only have 2GB's and I need atleast 8GB for my tasks. I kinda knew what I was looking at until I looked up b75m-a ram upgrades and then looked on crucial website, when I look up b75m-a ram upgrades, I get RAM with specs: 240 Pin 1.5v...