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Page 5 - Forum discussion tagged with LCD.
  1. R

    2017 Prey wants the old prey

    2017 Prey wants the old prey. I bought 2017 prey last year and when I was loading it, it say put is the old prey and again this year and the same thing. I bought is from different companies but that didn't matter. So why is Prey 2017 just an upgrade from Prey?
  2. T

    Question about new GPU

    Hi there. So im looking at buying a new gpu. MSI VGA Graphic Cards RX 580 ARMOR 8G OC. Says recommended power is 500w. If my current power supply is 600w. Do i need upgrade my power supply or am i good to go?
  3. D

    Help me SET a PRICETAG

    So, long story short, I have the following config since 2013 apr: CPU: G2020 with cooler GPU: GT 610 MSI 2GB LOW-PROFILE RAM: 2 + 4 GB DDR3 STICKS MOBO: S2PV H61M GIGABYTE LGA 1155 And got a 290$ Budget to upgrade the thing so decided to go with the following: APU: R3 2200G RAM: Adata 1×8 GB...
  4. G

    Help decide what Gaming Display to buy

    Hi, i'm looking for a Gaming Monitor to buy, but i can't decide. Until now i saw some models but i can't decide .. i will let the links in here and i would like your opinion on them and what model should i buy, and if you have any other recommendation. i'm looking for something with at least...
  5. M

    Is corsiar vs450 watt psu is good enough?

    I have intel i3-6100 Gigabyte h110m s2 motherboard 8gb ddr4 ram 2133 mhz Zotac 1050ti 4 gb graphics card 1 tb and 320gb hard drives both hdd I used corsiar vs 450 psu Now i am buying i5 7600 + 8gb ram ddr4(total 16gb) And a sandisk plus ssd 240 gb Is corsiar 450 is good enough no overclocking...
  6. L

    SSD to laptop's original storage place or as ODD replacement (caddy)?

    I have a laptop with 1TB SSHD default storage. I also have an optical drive which I almost never use. I found out that I can replace the optical drive with a HDD/SSD caddy, it uses the optical drive's SATA (III?) connection to SSD or HDD. I want to use an SSD to make the computer boot and work...
  7. P

    My HP laptop is not picking up my house WiFi

    My HP laptop is not picking up my house WiFi but everything else does. This just happened last week. I received an email from my cable company telling me that I changed my wifi security to open which I didn't so I went in and changed it to secured and that's when I started having this problem.
  8. huelen

    can my MSI z170a gaming pro run a 970evo?

    Hello It seems it does and just want to be sure, I just saw another guy asking about his msi B150 Gaming M3 saying that cant run a evo 960
  9. D

    i5 6500 gtx 1070

    In bf1 my gpu usage is only at 45 percent while cpu is always at 100 percent. Fps is fine when I tweak settings on all configuration. I have 8 gb of ram as well. I was wondering why the game is always so stuttery and choppy when fps is fine. Thx for the help
  10. M

    c s go

    What is CSGO gambling?
  11. E

    $1200 console look gaming PC build

    Budget Range: ~1200$ System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies. Are you buying a monitor: No Do you need to buy OS: No Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg.com, amazon.com Location: Lithuania Overclocking: No SLI or Crossfire: No...
  12. B

    Short circuited pc, what needs replacing?

    Recently I short-circuited my pc, or I'd assume so as there was a loud crackle sound and a strong smell of burning, with the burning smell coming from the cpu. I'd assume that I will need to replace the psu and cpu, but what is the likelihood that the motherboard or gpu will need replacing...
  13. K

    Unidentified network in Windows 10

    Any of you out there able to help me out with my issue, my computer kerps saying Unidentified Network. Ive tried rebooting resetting the pc also resetting my network router though nothing has worked
  14. S

    Cooler standoffs won't fit through motherboard

    Hello. I've just recently started building my first computer and halfway through I've run into a wall. The AMD mounting screws/standoffs that came with my Corsair h105 don't fit through the holes of my MSI Carbon Pro x370 therefore I can't mount my cooler. This is troubling me since the manual...
  15. N

    Should I upgrade my CPU or GPU?

    Here are my specs: CPU: AMD FX-8370 GPU: AMD RX-480 Monitor: 32" TV @ 720p I often run games like Fortnite, CS:GO, and COD, as well as frequently use Photoshop and Illustrator for graphic design. I don't run very heavy applications other than this, but I do have a lot of peripherals to control...
  16. N

    PC Veteran Desires for Tune-up / Virus Removal / Diagnostic software

    I'm reposting this because it was recommended to me that I would get more traffic in this forum for the idea. Hello all! I've been using this site for years, yet have never made an account due to the fact I've been selfish and only wanted questions answered rather than giving back. I've been...
  17. N

    Thermaltake vs NZXT Cases

    Hello, I am going to be building a pc and found some decent cases. I have been keeping an eye out on the Thermaltake C21 RGB, but wasn't sure if I should go for that case, or an NZXT S340. I'm looking for a case that is around 100 aud, and wouldn't mind suggestions apart from these 2. Which...
  18. K

    how do i get sound with VGA?

    i have headphones plugged into my pc but its not in playback devices even though i have "show disabled devices" ON. and i know vga is display only but there was sound before, but as soon as i installed a gpu the sound dissapeared.. P.S i have the vga cable in my gpu not pc
  19. Boney Thomas

    System 32 files Replaced

    Guys my brother repalaced every dll in the system 32 file.Now every game i play have an 0x000007b error.I dont know what to do.He download some dlls for some games and replaced the in system32.PLzz Help me
  20. The Original Ralph

    screen going black randomly

    I had an issue with my computer sometimes booting to a black screen, and sometimes going black when i'd clik on a link forcing me to do a hard reboot. I went thru everything i could think of, changing HDMI cable, testing GPU, read every thread on the web, nothing seemed to help - i even sent...