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Page 6 - Forum discussion tagged with LCD.
  1. H

    plsHelpGpu WillNotConec tToMonitor

    my gpu is hooked up to my mobo and everything tuns but i cant conect to my monitor or my tv i have specs on hand if needed
  2. C

    Sleep function does not work

    Windows 10, When attempting to "sleep" the machine, the sleep functions for about 15 seconds then reactivates the system.
  3. R

    Need some help. Deciding to upgrade or not.

    Need some advice from the hive. I built my PC about 8 8 years ago and starting to show its age with the kids trying to game now. I7-2600K 16 gig of ram and an GTX570. With that being said. I have seen some of the benchmarks with the newer processors vs the 2600k and it does alright...
  4. B

    Gta 5 black screen

    Hey guys i searched alot on google but i cant find any solution for that , i installed gta 5 and try to play it everything works fine , so i try to put a new things , i put some mods , on gta 5, native , script etc... After that i launched the game , a black screen shown in 2 3 sec and back to...
  5. E

    GT 1030 on Foxconn H61uA

    Is the asus GT 1030 compatible with Foxconn H-CUPERTINO2-H61-uA TX (Cupertino2) motherboard?? I currently have the HP p6-2115la and I want to change my ViewMax gt 730 ddr3 128 bits, I installed it two years ago but now, I want to try some new games. Please help!!!
  6. D

    Windows 10 - hardware change-new HDD

    Hello, I want to add a new hard drive to my PC but I have a question regarding Windows. Will Windows 10 deactivate if it detects the new hard drive? (The purpose of the new hard drive is to store data not copy windows on it). Should I link my windows activation to a microsoft account just to be...
  7. J

    Would this be a good build?

    I have never build a pc before, would this be a good build? i have a budget of around 900 to 1000.
  8. Dionisiatis

    Crossfire Status in 2018

    With the introduction of DX12 i expected crossfire/SLI to become much more commonplace, especially since early benchmarks showed nice synergy between all DX12-supporting cards. However with each year passing, CF/SLI is less heard of (at least to me) The question is: Should i buy an RX 580 8GB...
  9. N

    CPU Bottlenecking GPU?

    So I'm not sure if my CPU is actually reducing my graphics card's full capabilities, as I believe the graphics card is capable of running high enough frames on games such as cs:go. Processor: Intel core 2 duo e6750 2.66 GHz 2.67 Ghz Graphics Card: Nvidia geforce 9800 gt If it is bottlenecking...
  10. B

    PC try to start but they turn off after 1s

    Hi, today i buy a new Motherboard and Liquid Cooler, i put all as usual i do, but when i try to start for the first time PC its turn off after a 1s... All leds, fan of the cooler, motherboard, gpu is turn on... Seems it's a short circuit I try removing and put a lot of cables, i remove ram...
  11. V

    Laptop without battery

    Hello, is it safe to use my laptop without its battery in place? Mine broke and I'm currently buying a new one, just was wondering if it's OK for me to stick in the power plug and run it like that. Makes sense? Thanks for your help!
  12. K

    Why Does WinDirStat say that my SSD has used up 90 Gb, but in file explorer it says I've used up 105?

    In file explorer, it says C: 13 GB free of 118, but in WinDirStat it says C: 90 GB used Is there some space being used up somewhere I'm not aware of?
  13. S

    EnhancedStorage Crashes PC

    HI, i recently bought a Crucial MX100 256GB SSD to go with my HDD and when i started using it again, (after reinstallation of windows) the computer would start to freeze randomly and i would have to force reset it. This has been going on for 4 months and i don't know what to do. I have tried to...
  14. J

    How to reset ASUS non removable battery

    I have Asus F541U and it has no little hole, except on CD compartment, and holding down power button doesn't work. How can I reset this laptop? I have no access to the battery unless I open up the laptop but I'm no expert to do this. Please help.
  15. A

    AIO as a monitor

    can I use an AIO as a monitor for another PC
  16. G

    Memory running around 1333hz instead of 1600hz

    Hello, I have a Predator G3-605 motherboard with bios P11-B4 (latest) 01/03/2014 This computer came with 8gb DDR3 of memory running at 1600hz (800-dual channel) according to cpu-z I just upgraded to Ballistix Tactical 4X4gb (16gb) DDR3 It runs my game on higher setting without glitching or lag...
  17. G

    how can i store my songs in dj 8

    pls is it possible to store my audio files on my virtual dj 8 for future use or if my system crashes or formated
  18. T

    What drive do you prefer to install windows?

    Just wondering if I should install it on the HDD or SSD
  19. G

    Change the power button LED light

    Hello! I was wondering if i could change the power button LED light. It's blue when the PC is fully on and running, and orange when the pc is in sleep mode. I would like to change the color to orange while the PC is on? Any way to do that? MS-7377 Motherboard NEC Powermate ML470MT E7300
  20. T

    WiFi not connecting to phone

    I have the new Motorola Z 2. Had everything running fine, until last night. Imy home WiFi is Cox , and last night I connected to a secure FiOS Network. Once I returned home, my phone will not connect to my Cox WiFi. I've reset the router, I've deleted the FiOS from saved, and I've reset my...