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Page 7 - Forum discussion tagged with LCD.
  1. F

    Carmageddon TDR 2000 steam version won't work

    Waay back in the year 2000 I remember trying to play the third installment into the carmageddon franchise called TDR 2000. Wanting to reminisce about those days, I bought it off of steam for a bargain price. During that time, my computer was so slow the 15-20 fps I was getting made the game...
  2. uplink-svk

    AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box - [GV-N1070IXOC-8GD] - putting her out of the box?

    Hey there guys Any clue whether I can put the AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box's - GV-N1070IXEB-8GD out of the box and use her as a standalone VGA inside a normal PC? Thank You for Your eventual reply with kind regards uplink
  3. A

    Old CPU doesn't run at full speed.

    Hi guys. My brother has an old computer (Intel Core Duo e6600 2.4 ghz, 4gb ram (only 3 usable) and a GT430 on a GA-VM900M motherboard. The problem is that the CPU isn't running at his full capacity, it's only using 1.6 ghz. I checked the bios for the cpu settings, it's the lattest bios version...
  4. cb3productions

    Need to upgrade my GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 470

    Hello Tom's Hardware community! I am a newbie computer person so I need a little suggestive help because my graphics card just recently died on me. I don't play video games but I love to do video editing with large HD video files etc.... A friend of mine put my PC together for me (2008?) but I...
  5. K

    My pc runs 120hz instead of 144hz.

    I'm using an OMEN HP monitor connected with HDMI cable and an AMD radeon crimson relive,i go to screen resolution->advanced settings->monitor->refresh rate: it only shows from 25hz to 120hz. Any solution??
  6. P

    Burnt smell from inside PC

    So I was playing a game when suddenly a strong smell of burned component or plastic started to hit my nose. I've turned off the PC however I couldn't pinpoint the exact culprit. I've opened up the case, tried to put my nose everywhere and checked for any visual burn marks however out of luck. I...
  7. M

    Microphone not working in any game

    I have a Razer Kraken headset that works perfectly fine for the most part. I can talk to people through discord and skype and steam even recognizes the mic working in my steam settings. But, when i get into a game, i am unable to hear or talk to people, mainly PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and...
  8. K

    CPU Fan Replacement

    Hi I am looking for a CPU fan for my sony vaio laptop as it is making lot of noise. I am aware that this laptop model is bit old one and it is becoming difficult for me to get either the exact or compatible part in the market. The model of Sony Vaio that I have is TZ237CN/PCG-4N7P. I love...
  9. K

    Batman Arkham city

    I have a bug in the start when bruce wayne is captured and he taken outside with 2 men when i go outside the imates should come over the fence but fo 5 to 6 seconds there is no one after that when they appear they just stay where they are
  10. 2

    Safe mode isn't popping up

    Safe mode isn't popping up do I continue to press f8 until something pop up?
  11. W

    Syncing RGB Between ASUS and Corsair

    Hey guys, not sure if I got the right forum for this. Basically, in the build I'm about to do I'll have an ASUS Mobo w/ RGB and RGB on the GPU and RAM, along with some RGB strips. I also have a Corsair case (460x) and a Corsair radiator (Hydro Series H115i) with RGB. I would like, if possible...
  12. C

    Dell Dimension C521 Motherboard Removal

    I am needing to replace the Capacitors near the RAM on a Dimension C521. Is it possible to remove the motherboard without removing the CPU Cooler? I am only needing to replace the capacitors. If it is possible. What are the instructions on removing the motherboard, without taking the CPU Cooler...
  13. O

    Random BSOD's with Crash Address ntoskrnl.exe

    Hi2all, I'm experiencing strange issues with a BSOD caused by ntoskrnl.exe There is three logs from Blue Screen View: ================================================== Dump File : 112217-28187-01.dmp Crash Time : 11/22/2017 19:17:10 Bug Check String : SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION...
  14. O

    8 pin eps or 4+4 pin eps / Dual 8 PCI-E vs Dual 6+2 PCI-E

    Hello guys I want to buy white modflex cables for my new pc and i have question for you. My motherboard is: asus prime z370-a My psu is: corsair rm650x My gpu is: evga geforce 1080ti ftw3 I want to know if i can use the 8 pin EPS cable instead the 4+4 pin EPS cable, and if i can use the...
  15. X

    How to activate windows 10

    I installed a free version of windows 10 pro from a tutorial I found on YouTube. https://youtu.be/SKbR6XT7fcA Everything worked and I now want to activate windows seeing all of the benefits. My question is, will everything I have already done be okay and can someone show me a good cheap why to...
  16. P

    MOBO issues? AMD in compatibility? Updating OS, and weird Freezing issues?

    Hi guys, I have been having this weird issue with my computer ever since i got it, it booted up fine, no errors, i used windows 7 to start it up, set it up properly at my home, and installed windows 8 (which was the latest windows available at the time), just before windows 10 came out and it...
  17. D

    PC randomly shuts down when its cold in the room

    Hi all, I have a very odd problem. I have a new CyberPower PC that I purchased about 6 months ago. It has ran perfect every since the day I got it until yesterday. It appears to be shutting down randomly now that the room is cold. My PC randomly shut off as if the power was cut yesterday. I...
  18. M

    GTX 1060 6gb - Facing Low FPS and High latency with regular stuttering

    Hi guys, Recently just bought a new setup which includes a GTX 1060 6gb and i'm experience a very low fps and high latency with regular stuttering and lags even when just moving my mouse on the desktop. In specific, my furmark test returned my a fps reading of 30fps (sometimes even below 10)...
  19. S

    Wlan net,but how?

    I would like to have a wlan connection to the desktop but it does not have a wlan, my laptop is wlan, and I have a Huawei 525s 4g modem, how do I do it, I do not know about these? https://www.asus.com/Networking/USB-AC68/overview/ Is this suitable?
  20. M

    best external hard drive for usb 2.0

    I am a little low on budget so can someone tell me which is the best external hard drive for usb 2.0.