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Page 8 - Forum discussion tagged with LCD.
  1. R

    To upgrade the system for better gaming performance

    I am having an amd athlon x2 64 bit dualcore processor, 4 gb ddr3 ram and i would like to upgrade the gpu with asus gt710 ddr5 2gb card. Will it be any better? And how good is that card for budget level gaming. If 710 is one wrong option.. Please suggest some better gpu at that price range.
  2. Randomdeath

    Input lag on two cpus vs one?

    I was just wondering to myself, if I played any game (csgo, for example since everyone screams about input lag on that game) would there be much of a difference between two cpus and one cpu? For example if I played on an older, high end workstation/server with two cpu sockets, should I fill them...
  3. J

    Strange startup errors. Fix?

    Hi. For the past month or so, I've been dealing with a strange issue that has to do with the startup of my pc. First of all, post takes a long time (it shows the mobo's ASUS logo for over half a minute). Then after the welcome screen, the desktop is black and a soundmixer.exe error pops up...
  4. M

    Building PC from Old Parts

    So I got a free HP 8300 Elite SFF PC (https://www.cnet.com/products/hp-compaq-elite-8300-core-i7-3770-3-4-ghz-monitor-none-series/specs/) for free that I'm trying to upgrade into a decent gaming PC for my girlfriend. Right now she uses it stock (upgraded to win10) and plays wow but its too laggy...
  5. A

    How much is this RAM?

    I purchased this RAM and from the sticker it looks that it’s 16 GB. But when I put this on my computer ... it says it’s only 8 GB. Am I not installing it correctly? Or is the information on the sticker? http://imgur.com/CVE6xPy