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  1. ArkHavoc99

    Question Low FPS on League of Legends w/ 2080 Super

    Hey, I have an i7-9700k / Nvidia 2080 Super / 32 GB 3200 RAM / a 3440x1440 main monitor and a 2560x1440 side monitor. I play League of Legends on fullscreen with every single setting graphically turned down as low as it will go. I am still ONLY getting around 130 FPS. I get that that is still...
  2. T

    Question Getting bad performance on my new laptop

    Hey guys, So, I recently just purchased a new laptop -a Gigabyte G5 KC, which packs an i5-10500H, 16GB of RAM and a 105W Nvidia 3060. The laptop feels great and using it has been a pleasure - except for gaming. I cant get more than around 130/140 fps on League of Legends, 170 on CS:GO, and I...
  3. S

    Question League of Legends FPS Capped Below Refresh Rate (Fullscreen Borderless)?

    Recently whenever I play League of Legends in borderless fullscreen mode my fps is locked below my refresh rate of my monitor. At 144hz, it gets locked at 108fps and at 120hz it gets locked at 98fps. I wasn't having an issue until I had to disconnect my monitors in order to open up my PC. If I...
  4. Felipe Fernandez

    Question PC Having problems with Riot Games exclusively

    Since august 2020 my brother gave me all his old components since mine were already deteriorating badly, I went from AMD FX-8320 black edition to an Intel i5-2400, 8 gb of ram to 16 and obviously his motherboard too, I believe they are both Asus I didn't check. Ever since I swapped because my...
  5. Yoekko

    Question Low Fps On gtx 1080 for League Of Legends

    My fps hovers at around 100 through 80 at all settings and I have no idea why It its at such a low amount I've Reinstalled drivers Messed around with 3d settings in nvidia and I've alsoreset my pc completely I get 120+ fps in games like Apex legends and R6S at max settings aswell. Specs are...
  6. L

    Question League of Legends (TM) client not responding after champ select

    I'm at my wit's end. I just built a new PC that should not be having issues, but freaking League of Legends won't load from Champ Select into the Game, and I get hit with AFK and Leaverbuster penalties. The odd thing is usually the first game will load, but in each game after that the game...
  7. mranimo

    Question Razer DeathAdder V2 vs Razer Mamba Elite

    I need a new mouse mostly for League of Legends. Which would be better and why? The razer deathadder V2 or the razer mamba elite?
  8. S

    Question Weird flickering lines when in games

    Hey guys, I'm new to posting on forums like these so sorry if this is in the wrong place. As of recent I've been getting weird glitchy looking graphics around some objects in the games I play. I'm horrible with computers so I apologize for the wording. I dont really know how else to explain it...
  9. BigJuiceZ

    Question No CPU usage while playing League of Legends

    While in game, I was getting lower FPS and I looked at control panel and saw that it was using 0% of my CPU while only 9% was being used in the background. Every game runs just fine except for League. I tried to reinstall and still the problem is there. I tried to google it and can't find...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] SFF Portable Gaming and Editing

    I am looking at building an SFF PC and get a portable monitor so when going to work (which I do editing once a week and other days do e-mails, and use Microsoft 365) or a friend's house for a LAN Party I can take something lighter than my current desktop PC. This PC Part Picker list is what I am...
  11. W

    Question GPU running at idle clocks while playing League of Legends

    Hi everyone! For the past few weeks I had some interesting problems while playing League of Legends. What happens is, I load up in to the game and I look at the core clock the GPU is running at and see that it's running in the range of 300-500 MHz during the whole game. I tried changing the...
  12. Saugetsu

    [SOLVED] My internet only work completly when restarting my pc

    Lately I started having problems with my internet. What happens is that it works halfway, sometimes (not often) websites on chrome dont load, but everyday when i turn on my pc the main things I use (discord and league of legends) dont work, but i can use chrome fine, without lag or anything. In...
  13. Padoflamingo

    Question Random attempting to reconnect League of legends

    Hello everyone! Since last month I've been dealing with random attempting to reconnect messages in League of legends which totally ruins the game for me. My internet has no problems since when this is happening i can still communicate with my friends through voice chat. Also I'm using Ethernet...
  14. KonneR

    Question League of legends crashes my pc after 1 or 2 hours of playing

    So i've had this problem for about a month now, i already tried the usual -Clean Game Install -Driver update -Driver uninstall (DDU) -Clean OS Install -Firewall -Memtest -Check for any hardware or software incompatibilities -Revert Any tweak to any hardware on my pc I've seen that LoL needs...
  15. ady4888

    Question League of Legends using only 30% of GPU

    Hello everyone , i have an ASUS fx505DU, an laptop with Ryzen 7 3750h ,16 GB Ram , NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti, and an 120 hz display , my problem is that league is using only ~30% of my GPU and i cant hit 120 fps for that smooth gameplay . I turned V-Sync Off, and it’s not making any difference. The GPU...
  16. J

    Question BSOD while playing league on second monitor

    Hi, i have a laptop, acer nitro 5 an515 52 connected to my asus vg248qe with a hdmi to displayport cable, providing 144hz. When i play league, righ when the game is about to start, my laptop get a bsod saying "video scheduler internal error", it restarts and then the game runs fine. Every other...
  17. Snailtrailape

    [SOLVED] FPS drops

    I recently bought a new pc recently, it was doing fine until around 2 months ago when I started to get FPS drops in most of my games. I usually play league of legends, MHW and CSGO, but the problem is mainly with MHW and LOL. With LOL I saw a huge decrease in performance, I used to run it any...
  18. L

    [SOLVED] can i get lag because of my graphics card?

    I have this pc for over 3 years now and its not the best. My internet is okay and i never lag in games but recently when i try to play league of legends i lag in game and around 10 minutes in get very high ping causing me to get disconected but when i alt+tab my ping goes back to normal but if i...
  19. RyukKanji

    Question Bsod while gaming

    hi so um i was having some random bsod on win7 and i decided to update on win 10 , that made things kinda worse i can say , every time i try to play league of legends i will get a bsod 10-20 minutes into the game and for now i have noticed that i get 2 different bsod one is memory management...
  20. nikos123211

    Question 65 hz display but 60 hz in games

    Hello. I have a crappy display (actually a tv) as my pc monitor. I had some issues with overscaling but i found a way to fiz that by going to nvidia's control panel>adjust desktop size and position and resizing the resolution from 1920x1080 to 1804x1014 (there's no an option to fix the overscan...
  21. B

    Question Computer black screen freezes during games (brand new rx570)

    Build: ASRock 320M Ryzen 5 1500X RX 570 4GB 8GB RAM Whenever I play league, my computer will at random points freeze, then go to a black screen, before eventually returning to the game about 15 seconds later. This happens once every free games, or a few times a game. During this period, my...
  22. Hanbee

    Question budget laptop

    I bought a budget laptop with decent specs and I assumed it could handle some low end games. Right now it cannot even handle morrowind or league of legends at the lowest settings. FPS is incredibly low its unplayable. I updated the drivers and everything but still to no avail. Is there...
  23. X

    Question Can i run two instances of league in one pc?

    I organized a "lan party" with 5 friends but we only have 4 pc's, i have 2 monitors, is there any way that i could run 2 games at the same time with each game having it's own keyboard and mice? i have a 7600k with 16gb of ram and a rx570(8gb)
  24. G

    Question Stream settings

    I starting streaming recently, and my game never lags, my frames don't drop or anything, my computer runs exactly the same as when I'm not streaming. However, when I look at my stream, the quality is great, but the fps is terrible. I have watched multiple videos and tried many different settings...
  25. S

    [SOLVED] Can these specs run these following games? Need help

    CPU: Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-6200 CPU @2.30GHz (quad-core GPU: AMD Radeon HD R5M M335 and Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 Ram: 8gb 64-bit Can these run CS:GO LoL TF2 Terraria PUBG Overwatch Starcraft 2 I don't really know much about the power of these components so I wanted to ask just how is their...
  26. A

    New computer build will not turn on.

    Hello there. I recently started on building my own desktop. This is my first time and after seeing a number of videos I thought I had it down. I do not. When I turn the Power supply on and plug it on, the green light on the motherboard glows but the power button on the case does nothing...