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  1. J

    [SOLVED] IPS or TN Panel?

    hello, i am building my first pc. i will mainly use it for gaming but also to study. the games that i will mainly play are: League of Legends, PUBG, World of Warcraft, some Call Of Duty, etc. which monitor would be best for me? i am willing to pay up to around ~150eur on the monitor. so should...
  2. Georgi Gospodinov

    [SOLVED] i7 3770 - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - Poor FPS Performance

    Hello guys, Recently I have started building a low budget PC for Vegas, Premiere, Photoshop, and League of Legends. I have started with an old office mini-tower pre-build by Lenovo M92p (Bought for around 150$). I have moved all of the parts to a new full tower case and added a lot of 120mm...
  3. C

    Question FPS lower than usual in LoL

    Hello, I've recently had a problem with some fps issues, about a week ago, my chrome and some games were really laggy, i've since reinstalled nvidia driver, but only the lag in chrome was fixed. When playing league, I usually have my fps cap on 144hz because of 144hz screen, but now I only get...
  4. T

    Question Visual artifacts

    When i play league and start queuing for a game the client sometimes freezes. I have recently noticed that google chrome freezed at the exact same time. The lol client doesnt freeze every time i queue up but it happens often enough. When it freezes i can close the client and reopen it but...
  5. nikos123211

    Question 65 hz display but 60 hz in games

    Hello. I have a crappy display (actually a tv) as my pc monitor. I had some issues with overscaling but i found a way to fiz that by going to nvidia's control panel>adjust desktop size and position and resizing the resolution from 1920x1080 to 1804x1014 (there's no an option to fix the overscan...
  6. S

    Question Need help with a prebuilt

    Hello all. I am completely new to building computers and all that fun stuff and have been doing a lot of research but I am still very much a noob to this stuff. I'm ready to upgrade my computer as I currently play League of Legends but would love to start streaming. I was browsing prebuilts...
  7. Hanbee

    Question budget laptop

    I bought a budget laptop with decent specs and I assumed it could handle some low end games. Right now it cannot even handle morrowind or league of legends at the lowest settings. FPS is incredibly low its unplayable. I updated the drivers and everything but still to no avail. Is there...
  8. X

    Question Can i run two instances of league in one pc?

    I organized a "lan party" with 5 friends but we only have 4 pc's, i have 2 monitors, is there any way that i could run 2 games at the same time with each game having it's own keyboard and mice? i have a 7600k with 16gb of ram and a rx570(8gb)
  9. S

    Question Games black-screening on launch post nvidia driver update

    Okay so heres the issue. My partner’s pc auto updated it’s graphics drivers and ever since then when he’s tried to launch games it doesn’t load the graphics properly. Everything else is fine, but he’ll go to launch League and will see the launch screen for a split second then it black screens...
  10. B

    Are they compatible?

    Are these 2 components compatible with each other i5 - 7600K & ASUS TUF B360M-PLUS GAMING LGA1151 Motherboard? Many Thanks
  11. O

    [SOLVED] 4G Router with Ethernet

    I live in a bad area which has max speed of 8mbit/s download and 0.30mbit/s upload speeds. My friend came over and he has 4G internet on his phone. He tested speed and it came 50mbit/s download and 38mbit/s upload. I am able to get 4G internet for the same price I am paying for this slow speed...
  12. R

    Help me please

    Should I get the 9600k or the 8700k 9600k is cheaper by 80$ in my country And 2600x is same price as 8700k
  13. L

    RAM Confusion - DIMM0/1 or Channel A/B

    So i would like some advice as just a little confused. I just downloaded Intel ETU, Within this i was studying my RAM. I have two pairs of 8BG sticks. One pair in black and one pair in grey. To my understanding these were the channels. However Intel software is saying something that's confusing...
  14. M

    Mechanical keyboard WITH macros and WITHOUT num pad

    Does anyone know any mechanical keyboard which has macros but doesn't have the num pad part?
  15. O

    Overclocking I5 8600k

    I am going to build a new pc amd was wondering how much i would be able to push the I5 8600k without touching the voltage. I have never overclocked before, nor have i ever had a gaming pc before. I am going to be using these parts for my build: Intel Core I5 8600k Cryorig h7 - CPU cooler...
  16. 6

    DiRT Rally only 30 fps.

    Hello, I start DiRT Rally, I see 60 fps. I go through menu/settings/whatever, I see 60 fps. I start the race, I see 60 fps. After like 30 sec, I see only 20 to 30 fps. I am 100% sure it's not because of the hardware, my PC is powerful enough for this game. So, what can I do?
  17. L

    All fans running at max speed

    I recently took apart my computer in order to give it a proper clean. I then put it back together, however whenever I turn it on all fans (2 case fans and 1 CPU fan) run at max speed, this is obviously incredibly loud and annoying. I've never seen or heard them go that load before, you can't...
  18. A

    Ultrawide 16:9 GTX960

    So I have a pc with a GTX960 4GB, and i'm currently using an Hannspree 21.5'' TV as my monitor and i really need to change it. After doing some research i fell in love with the LG 29UM59-P ultrawide monitor. The problem with it is that I've read that 2560x1080 is really hard to run on a GTX960...
  19. B

    Upgrade from HD 7970 to RX 570

    Is the upgrade worth it from HD 7970 to RX 570 for 1080p gaming? My specs: Asus ROG Strix X370 R5 1600 2 x 4gb G skill 3200mhz Ram 550w Super flower 80 plus silver 24 inch AOC 75x free-sync 1080p monitor
  20. K

    Will I bottleneck my GPU?

    I currently own an AMD A10-9700 on a MSI a320m motherboard. I'm planning on buying a gtx 1060, but will I be able to make use 100% of the card or will it bottleneck?