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    Question Internet dropping every hour. DHCP lease time.

    My problem that I haven't been able to figure out for almost a month is that my dhcp lease time expiring every hour. It obtains the lease when i turn my computer on and expires exactly every hour after it was obtained. My problem is that after that hour it kicks me offline for like 10 seconds...
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    Question Lease time change

    Hello, i have a Cisco EPC3925 router and i wish to change my lease time as its currently on 1 hour and i would like to have it at least once everyday If anyone knows what needs to be done please tell me.
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    Question How to disable "Lease time" in a wifi-extender ?

    Hello, I would like to know how to disable "Lease time" in CF-WR754AC (wifi-extender)? Talking about this wifi-extender, when 86400 seconds (24hours) of lease time pass, this wifi-extender interrupts its connection & a message "no internet secured" will appear. This situation is forcing me...