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    Question Questions for someone knowlegable in cablemod rgb strips!

    I have some questions regarding the cablemod rgb strips: 1. there are hybrid like RGBW and RGBUV and the normal one! whats the difference cuse i want to use tham in aura sinc and dont know if the software even supports uv or white! if the difference only the white and uv i would stick to the...
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    [SOLVED] Rgb fans and strips complication

    Hello, I seem to be having a complication of being confused how my pc setup is going to go. But first the motherboard is an Msi x470 gaming plus, case Cooler master h500p. I plan to have a total of 8 Rgb fans: 2x200mm(front), 4x140mm(top and 1back) and 2x120mm(cpu cooler) and 3 led strips. May...
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    Driven me crazy for years - video question on PC Windows

    So I'm no expert, I know a little but not enough it seems. There is this issue with video on a PC I have seen for years, no matter the GPU or Windows version. When a video is playing, and the screen scrolls along to move the scenery, the scene seems to "skip" frames and try to catch up. Could be...
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    Interconnected voltage issues? Faulty ram's?

    So quite a while back I ordered some DDR2 RAM sticks for my aging computer. I got the recommendation from a swedish hardware forum where a guy with the exact same mobo as me had bought and used these sticks. So I figured I'd be safe to go with the same ones as him (he linked me the ebay...
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    BSOD even after updating graphics drivers!!

    Hi guys, I've been using windows 10 on my desktop for couple of months now, it was running smoothly. But for the past few day I've been getting BSOD. I did my research and narrowed it down to windows update, outdated BIOS or outdated graphics driver. First I reset my pc but the problem still was...
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    Pc doesn't turn on unless I reset my psu

    So my pc turns off and doesn't turn back on at all, I thought at first it was my psu so I did the paper clip test and that's the only way my pc will turn on now. I've done many different tests on different components to try and find the source of why it keeps shutting down. None worked, the...
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    computer beeping after installing new ram.

    I just installed some new ram ( I previously had 4GB 1333mhz ddr3) Installed 8GB DDR 1333MHz And the computer started beeping. Help please? Thanks!
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    [SOLVED] Disable network on computer remotely without losing remote control (El Capitan)

    Hi, I have a computer I'm accessing remotely via TeamViewer, a simplified VNC program. I need to disable the internet momentarily to complete a task, but I want to maintain remote control during the interim period where the internet is disabled. I don't know if this is possible. Can someone...
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    Corsair Power supply suggestions

    Need suggestions for corsair psu i should use need to be modular so i dont have clutter http://pcpartpicker.com/p/zWwtyc.
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    can i run bf4 ultra with gtx 750 ti and amd a10 6800k

    right now I have an amd a6 processor and it is bottlenecking my 750 ti sc I want to upgrade but not sure if getting the a10 6800k will be worth it please take in note that I have an fm2 socket motherboard (msi 7778 jasmine)