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  1. G

    Question Weird burning plastic smell from the back of a LED TV? [closed]

    I bought a Sony KD-55XF9005 BAEP 55 inch LED TV two months ago. A week ago I was moving the TV and I noticed that it has a smell of burning plastic coming from the back/edges. It's hard to pinpoint where exactly the smell is coming from, but it's definitely there. I've read about this and some...
  2. D

    Can Led tv get damaged from a surge or spark in the outlet?

    Hi I have a sanyo 32 inch Led tv.I live in India and since the power cuts occur frequently here I have connected both my led tv and DTH HD set top box(STB) via a belkin 3 socket surge protector for extra safety. A day back I had a problem with my set top box and the DTH technician who came from...
  3. W

    Please Help Me Build A PC For A Friend

    Hey everyone my friend wants me to help him build a PC, his budget is $600. However I have a few questions concerning the build at this price point. At this price point either the I3 6100 plus the gtx 1060 6GB fits, or the i5 6400 with a gtx 1060 3GB. So my questions are is it a good idea to...
  4. scuzzycard

    To Update or Not to Update: Opinions wanted

    I'm a Windows 10 Pro user, and I have my Windows Update disabled. I've had it disabled since I installed Windows 10. I don't trust Microsoft one bit, and I would only install an update if I specifically needed it. Am I the only one who does this, or does anyone else feel this way? Should I...
  5. B

    Power Supply Efficiency vs Quality (Suggestions!)

    Hello Tom-Men! (Tommy guns? Tom boys? Tom-Toms? I'll just call you "Forum Gods" from here on out, I promise) I am here looking for some suggestions. As most of the people on this forum that have a little extra money here and there, I built my original computer about a year ago and have been...
  6. H

    Far cry 3 r9 280

    I'm getting about 49 to 60 something with no mssa on ultra my cpu is a i5 4670k stock is that normal? Could it be my internet...