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  1. ReHack

    Question HELP! PC boot looping after cmos battery reset/cmos clear

    Soo I had to reset my bios because at first, I accidentally set my ram speed to 1866mhz while my ram sticks are actually 1600 mhz, so when I saved and exit, I got a blank screen, then that's when I reset my bios thru cmos battery so it would go back to default, it looked like it worked but now...
  2. Nexux1

    Question Asus H510M-A CSM support with I5 10600?

    Dear TomsHardware Users! I have a problem with new intel 500 chipset the enable CSM module grayed out on BIOS settings because of i5 11600 vbios not support anymore. If i buy i5 10600 and run with h510 chipset can i enable CSM legacy boot or not? Thanks for help! Bye, Nexux!
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Help!?! Boot Issue - Dell Insprion 5675 - Windows 10 - Set UefI to legacy and now it wont even boot up - fans run, but blank screen

    Hi, I did something stupid. i was trying to recover a reset computer. I have a dell Inspirion desktop gaming pc -ryzenfx 1800 1 nvme ssd 32 gb ram fx580. I was using the windows recovery options and on boot, stupidly selected "boot into legacy mode" Upon restart, the computer went dead. the...
  4. R

    Question Drives won't show up is uefi but will in legacy

    My computer says that it is incompatible with windows 11 and I may have found out why. For my computer to launch, I have to have my csm set to legacy because in uefi, my drives do not appear. I have a nvme ssd and a sata ssd. Anyone know of a way to fix this?
  5. Question Unable to boot gigabyte brix from Windows 10 installed on SSD ?

    I have Windows 10 installed in SSD in legacy mode (not UEFI). I have connected it to gigabyte brix. When I turn on the Brix, its does not boot from SSD. Instead it gives me UEFI shell: When I type exit and hit enter in above shell prompt, it seems to take me to BIOS which lists SSD is...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] No start after hibernation

    My desktop computer doesn't start, and doesn't even show the bios screen, after pressing the keyboard power key. I was running windows 10 in legacy boot mode. For some reason it would often restart after I clicked shutdown. So last night I pressed the power key on the keyboard to try and...
  7. T

    Question Installing Linux

    I've been trying for some time to start to use Linux now, but the problem is that I can't seems to boot to the installation (I use flashdrive to install Elementary OS, I don't have dvd rom) there's no option for legacy boot in the bios (Acer Swift 3), but when I first time plug my flashdrive and...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] USB Bootable Device (Windows 10 Installation) isn't recognized by the BIOS

    Hello, I just want to ask a question. So I tried to reformat my friends laptop, the BIOS mode is set to UEFI. The thing is, the laptop doesn't recognize the USB Bootable Device (Windows 10 Installer) from the boot menu. Although I re-arranged the boot order, the laptop just goes straight...
  9. nathanstrainrocks

    Question Potential overclocking of AMD E-300

    From the title I know this sounds crazy, I use a few old laptops mostly running MX-Linux. I recently acquired a Lenovo G585 with a AMD e-300. This thing is slow as molasses and I am honestly not attracted to it in any way. So I'm thinking of trying to slightly overclock to perhaps improve it's...
  10. kevinakerberg

    Question Windows 10 Won't Boot from Cloned Image While BIOS is in UEFI Mode

    Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my laptop (an HP ZBook 15u G3) to a new SSD, and I cloned my old Windows image using Macrium Reflect to restore to the new SSD to avoid reinstalling Windows and all of my programs. However, I can only boot into Windows while in Legacy boot mode, in UEFI I get the...
  11. M

    Connecting M2 drive to a PCI slot

    I have a question about choosing an SSD hard drive on the PCI slot. I see OCZ RevoDrive that is a PCI card and directly connects the storage chips to the motherboard via single x4 interface. On the other hand, I see an XPG Gaming S10 which can not be connected directly to the PCI slot...
  12. L

    Any point with installing windows 8.1 onto an SSD?

    Is there any point having an SSD for windows 8.1, because I heard windows 8.1 boot times are really fast on a normal HDD anyway...
  13. TechmaniaHD

    computer game lag

    can you help me please, my computer lags each time I play a game, when it freezes for a few seconds the cpu fan starts to speed up and I don't know what to do. i have an amd radeon 6570 and will upgrade soon and this is my motherboard...