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legion y540

Forum discussion tagged with legion y540.
  1. Jaime Bacon

    Question new lenovo has cooling problems

    Hello, I just bought a Lenovo Legion Y540 like two months ago, and I'm seeing huge temperature problems, my idle temperature (just intel XTU opened) is of around 52, and when im playing it spikes up to 95ish and starts thermal throtling, I really have no idea if this is a manufacturing problem...
  2. R

    Question I5 9300H after repaste has 10-15 degree core difference

    As said my processor has 4c/8t . Before repasting every core hit 95-100c during stress tests with 60W Pl . After repaste I pretty much got my core 2 and core 3 down to high 70s to mid 80s but core 0 and core 1 remains at 90-94 c .Under combined load of gpu and cpu per say while gaming ..Core 2...