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  1. Stratosan

    Question Game micro stutters.

    Hello there, :p this would be my first post here, I have something that concerns me.. well basically I bought a Lenovo LEGION 3 months ago, and these past few weeks I'd say 4 weeks it has been stuttering during gaming. The laptops specs are : 8GB RAM GeForce GTX 1650 - 4Gbs Processor : Intel...
  2. kinjalkishor

    How is lenovo legion y540 vs legion 5i vs legion 5 amd battery life ?

    How is lenovo legion y540 vs legion 5i vs legion 5 amd battery life ?
  3. W

    Question Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH (Type 81FV) has been crashing for 9 months

    Hello guys, First I want to thank you for taking your time and trying to help me. This machine started having bluescreens nine months ago and it now crashes daily - shut downs or Blue screens. I do not run any games on it and just run normal software Blue screen errors are: DPC WATCHDOG...
  4. D

    Question Upgrading my Lenovo Legions CPU and GPU, looking for advice!

    Hi good people! I am little on a budget but I would like to buy some used CPU and GPU and upgrade my have a Lenovo Legion Tower PC (Y520T-25IKL) which now has: intel b250 16gb ram (2400mhz, I think) GeFroce GTX 1050 ti (4GB) Intel i3 7100 For CPU I was thinking an i7 6700k or i7 7700k for...
  5. Zaporro

    [SOLVED] Lenovo Legion Y540-15 (GTX1660ti or RTX2060 variant) does it support external HDR displays.

    Hello, have anyone been able to hook up external HDR display to Lenovo Legion Y540 15" (GTX1660ti variant, i7 specifically) either using the Display Port or HDMI connector and have it work in HDR mode? (https://www.windowscentral.com/how-enable-hdr-settings-windows-10) Can't find any information...
  6. D

    Lenovo legion Y520

    Hi there guys I have a problem with my laptop performance. I have it for around 2 years and it allways worked slower then it should. And now I have huge lag spikes playing games like GTA V even on medium settings. I have latest drivers installed and did reinstal windows like 4 months ago. And...
  7. smayah

    Question Big Problems With The GTX 1050

    Hello Guys. I'm new in here So I own a Lenovo Y520 CPU: i7-7700HQ GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 Mobile Storage: 1 To Age: 1 Year I'm using the computer for Gaming and sort of Surfing some internet (watching movies etc..) Sooo. Everything was great Until one day tried to play CS:GO So I found 5 FPS I...
  8. L

    Question Lenovo Legion Y740 - Lagging/slow mode problem

    Hello. I have a really weird problem and I am hopeless. Laptop: Lenovo Legion Y740 – 17inch, rtx 2060, i-7-8750H, (G-sync, 144hz, HDR) Speccy - https://prnt.sc/r2jxgg I have had this laptop for over 4 months now. I started noticing this problem like two months ago and to this day I am not sure...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Best cheap RTX 2060 laptop with 6 cores - 2300 CAD

    BUDGET : 2300 CAD/ 1750 USD - Preferably CAD because I need it in Vancouver British Columbia. Basic specs needed : 6 core processor 16gb ram RTX 2060 Best possible display for color accuracy Not too big Good Thermal Performance Decent Battery SSD Storage (even if it is in dual config) Please...
  10. Taaha Jawad

    Question Legion Y730 restarting while gaming even if it doesn't get hot.

    I got the Y730 a few months back and everything was great. Recently I've experienced this problem were the laptop restarts while gaming, even 5 minutes into it. My temperatures stay around 70 degree but it still does this, I'm able to increase the time by turning of the better battery mode but...
  11. emmawearstripes

    Question Which has better colour accuracy?

    I just bought a lenovo legion Y530 but I also own a broken HP Envy m6 notebook. My question is which has more accurate colour display? The difference is very noticeable and I use my laptop for graphics so it's very important to me. thanks
  12. mcanavino

    MSI GE75 Raider or Lenovo Y740?

    Hi, Looking at either an MSI GE75 Raider (GE75023) https://us.msi.com/Laptop/GE75-Raider-8SX/Specification Or an Lenovo Legion Y740 (81HH0003US) https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/legion-laptops/legion-y-series/Lenovo-Legion-Y740-17/p/88GMY701062#tab-customize Both seem to have same general...
  13. N

    Question How to get microphone to wireless earphones.

    I am a theater director working with people with special educational needs. One of the members of the cast is illiterate, so she cannot remember her lines, as she cant read them to learn them. I had previously devised a system where she has an earphone in, and I had recorded all of her lines by...
  14. scrubs2708

    i7-9700K VS i7-8700K (gaming and Streaming/content creations)

    I am building a new pc and my goal is to have as many frames as possible while streaming but I don't know if its worth to buy the i7-9700K over the i7-8700K I am sure that you can game and stream on both the i7-9700K and i7-8700K and I know that I will be dropping in frames. but I was...