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  1. Level3301

    Question Running both integrated and dedicated GPUs or two dedicated GPUs on a Lenovo H50-50 ?

    Hi, i wanted to ask if it is possible to use integrated and dedicated GPUs at the same time, or if i can use nvidia gforce gtx745 gpu with some pci-e x1 gpu on my lenovo h50-50 computer (cpu: intel core i5-4460). (My goal: more monitors) I thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Lil’bertz

    Question What size of motherboard will fit into the Lenovo 300S-11ISH?

    Im gonna replace the motherboard of the i mention at the title because im planning to buy new partsfor own pc so ill put my old components to the lenovo pc. i suspected that lenovo pc is using an itx motherboard but maybe im wrong and the motherboard im going to replace it is a matx board and i...
  3. K

    Question Upgrading Lenovo H-50-50 with new GPU and Ram

    Hello All, First time post and noob upgrader here!. Let me start with my problem - My PC started restarting "BSOD" - stop code : memory management. I downloaded Speccy and it seems my Graphics card is overheating so up to 110%. The PC is a couple of years old so i think an upgrade will work to...