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  1. Question DIY Custom Led projector

    I want to ask you, if it is possible to do This project ? My car's low beam is not really good, and I want to make really good headlights. Headlights that are really bright when you need it. This headlight upgrade should be cheap (Price to Performance ratio). I added a rough picture of what I...
  2. xupitera834

    [SOLVED] Best firsT camera under 600$ with prime portait lens

    hi guys just consider which one to choose from A6000 + 50MM OSS f1.8 or D3500 with 50mm 1.8 g do have you have anything else to suggest
  3. thebriki

    Question Problem with my blue-ray DVD not burning cd

    hi i have problem with my dvd writer blue-ray,not burning,but reading disk. When is burning he say finished,cd is blank not have files. What is Problem,please help me please,it is problem with lens in dvd laser? How to clean lens in dvd blue-ray in laptop? Thanks
  4. J

    No audio output from my PC even though no errors are detected.

    Hi, I have an audio problem with my PC. My PC is a 6 year old i7 2600k. It was working perfectly with no issues but suddenly there was no audio output. I have tried running the troubleshooter, I have tried reinstalling drivers, I have tried booting up on Ubuntu and I tried testing the speakers...
  5. P

    tridentz rgb 3200 B-Die ?

    [Trident Z RGB] F4-3200C14D-16GTZR curious if these are B-die, ive searched the web and cant find a good answer
  6. F

    RX 580 VRM cooling

    This is probably a dumb question but if I where to attach an AIO to my 580, could I get away with attaching a fan above the VRM or would I have to apply heatsinks on the mosfets?
  7. D

    Changing Graphic Cards

    You'll have to excuse my complete dumbness when it comes to this. I brought my first PC last year, and I only got a small, less demanding one (AMD Radeon HD 8470D with an A6-6400K APU) However, I would really like to upgrade my computer but, I don't know how the transition begins (e.g what one...
  8. R

    Screen Freezes, then Windows Gets a Blue Screen and Crashes.

    Hi, having a bit of trouble here: Recently built my first Gaming PC and upon Overclocking it in the Asus BIOS for 5 GHz. The screen would randomly freeze, or the monitor will create tearings or flicker on and off. Afterwards, the system will crash upon blue screen and reboot. The reboot process...
  9. H

    IS this build good enough?

    I've decided to go for following build : https://in.pcpartpicker.com/list/Pn3bd6 with MSI GTX 1070. I've read that 2 RX 480s in Crossfire can beat a single GTX 1080. So I was wondering whether I should go for couple of RX 480s rather than a GTX 1070. The price difference overall would be hardly...
  10. T

    PLEASE HELP ME I'm desperate!!!

    I need help! ALL of my winblows 10 devices are having ongoing internet connection issues, my kubantu boot works, my android devices work, hell I went as far to buy a new Surface Pro (spent $1.6k) and no difference, I can't online game, chat or anything .. I can't even access my modem via my...
  11. babi1987

    Suggestion for new Desktop build

    Hi, I am thinking of putting together a Desktop PC for my usage in our new home(such as ebook reading,PDF,document,videos,youtube and movie viewing and very occasional gaming) within a month with the components mentioned in the link http://.Please share your valuable opinions regarding what can...
  12. F

    DVI-I port sending only analog signal

    For almost a year i had been using my monitor that has a DVI-D port with a gtx960 that has a DVI-I Port. Today i have used an adapter from DVI-I to VGA and conected my old CRT monitor, it runed fine so i dissconected it, but when i tried to conect my DVI-D monitor it just dosn´t work, it says...
  13. L

    One week after interview

    Hello everyone , I would like yo thank you I'm advance for your responses. I'm a recent college grad with dual degrees in finance and economics. On 7/13 I had my last interview for an staff accounting position. at the end of the interview they ask me very challenging math questions that I wasn't...
  14. B

    Computer Hard Locking: Drive Error?

    Alright, so for a while my computer has been hard locking, you know - image on screen freezes and the sound infinitely loops the last 0.001 seconds resulting in a whine from the speakers. I originally assumed it was a temperature problem, so I got a bigger case with more airflow. Didn't see the...
  15. T

    i5 vs fx 8320

    Hi guys, just wondering if it's worth upgrading from an 8320 to an i5 4690k for gaming now/future. I only recently got the amd but it my friend had pretty much the same gpu and am i5 but gets more fps then me in pretty much every game, although benchmarks say he should get like 2 frames more...
  16. D

    Best Video Card for my i5 4690k build

    Looking for some constructive advice on a video card for this computer build. The budget for the card should keep this build around $1000US. So $200-$350. I plan to start with one video card but it should be SLI for a future additional card. Any other modifications people would suggest i'm open...
  17. B

    HP Laptop BIOS / EUFI restricts Boot drive selection - Any way around it

    Purchased HP 350 G1 (K4L55UT#ABA) Notebook Intel Core i7 from Newegg. Need two drives in laptop. DVD slot (extremely slim). No DVD/HDD adapters available to mount a HDD in DVD bay. But the motherboard does provide a mSata slot. SO THIS IS WHAT I DID Used Samsung Migration software and cloned...
  18. noahhull

    Should I get this ram?

    I'm going to be building a new gaming PC sometime in the next 6 months. I've already got the parts list together, but recently I found this ram with specs that blew me away...