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  1. Jellars89

    [SOLVED] 5700xt won't work in LGA 1156 MB

    Im trying to install a 5700xt into an old LGA 1156 PC and the display goes blank after the MB flash screen. I know the 5700xt works as I've tested it in another computer. And I know that most of the components in the LGA 1156 PC work as it runs with a 660 ti installed. Is the LGA 1156 MB just...
  2. JayChange

    [SOLVED] CPU fan spins then stops in cycle. No boot/display

    Hit the power button, cpu fan lights up and spins then stops, spins then stops forever. Also no boot/display Processor: i3-550 Mobo: lenovo oem lga 1156 mobo Tried a few quick fixes 1. Remove all the wires and storage except for the front panel connector. same thing happens 2. Put the ram...
  3. BionicRival

    [SOLVED] Lga 1156 Supported CPUS?

    Hello, I just recently bought a board off of eBay and it’s the Intel DH57JG Lga 1156. I’ve looked at supported CPUs on Intel’s website and it only supports lower end i3 and i5 CPUs. I’ve heard on other threads that they have put in an i7-860 or a Xeon x3470 and worked perfectly. Some people said...
  4. DominatorOne

    Question Will Hyper 212 EVO will fit my motherboard?

    Hello guys, I´m running and old system with an i7 860, 8 gb of ram and a gtx 670 windforce 3X, everything is running just fine besides my cpu temperatures that hit nearly 80 °C whenever I play witcher 3 and crysis 3 so I decided to purchase an CM Hyper T2, the problem was that I didn´t notice my...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] Is this a 550v power supply or a 230v power supply?

    I am confused to this power supply it is saying mwe 550 white 230v and would it be enough and safe for a gtx 960 2gb Power supply is Cooler Master MWE 550W 80PLUS White Power Supply -...
  6. Samdama

    Build Advice LGA 1156 MOBO DP55WB RX 580 O GTX 1070

    I have these specifications of my pc and I would like to know if Sapphire Nitro + RX580 or FWT GTX 1070 works My specifications: Intel dp55wb (LGA 1156) motherboard BIOS DDR 3 1333MHZ PSU 1000 WATT WITH 8 PIN I would like to know if you have compatibility?
  7. Requeola

    [SOLVED] will a radeon rx 580 be compatible with my evga p55 LGA1156 motherboard?

    I have this EVGA P55 120-LF LGA 1156 motherboard with a xenon 3440, and I was wondering if a MSI rx 580 would be compatible with it. Thanks for the help
  8. W

    2 monitors (60hz and 144hz) weird stutters?

    Hello guys, I'm new here. Yesterday I bought a 144hz monitor because one of mine 60hz monitors just broke. So i connected everything, change from 60 to 144hz on new monitor (got 60hz and 144hz now) and started testing. It was feeling so smooth on beginning. Now it feels like im playing on...
  9. F

    Help! 250$ component combo?

    My power supply died and took my motherboard & cpu with it. I was looking for a combo of PSU+CPU+mobo for $250? I have a GTX 950 and 1600 MHz RAM.
  10. A

    I cant type on my password box on my laptop

    I can't type on my password box on my laptop
  11. A

    Power to the video card but no power to keyboard or display

    So, I plugged everything in correctly and the power is working fine to the video card and everything but there is no display. I get it to work after I unplug the card, unplug the pci, replug and then after a few times of repeating this AND tilting the case on an angle while powering on the...