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  1. FilthyMidget

    Question Is 1866 ddr3 good for 2021?

    I have a computer that i play games on and i was wondering if 16gb ddr3 1866mhz is good for 2021. i might upgrade to 32 2133mhz since i'm probably not going to get a new motherboard and ddr4 ram, so could someone tell me if its good? but if its rational just tell me and i'll look into a new...
  2. Question Is knowing the socket type sufficient to make a CPU upgrade?

    I currently have a Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 Motherboard (LGA1151) with an i3-6098p processor. I wanted to upgrade the processor and was thinking of going for the i5-9400F which also has the same socket type (LGA1151). Now, is looking at the socket type sufficient here, or do I need to make sure...
  3. XBlitz15

    [SOLVED] PC Starts For A Few Seconds, Then Restarts

    Hey everyone, Last night (May 28), I was cleaning out my PC, getting rid of dust, etc. and I re-applied thermal paste as the last time I had done so was around a year or two ago, as I was having problems with my PC overheating and crashing, etc. I put everything back together in place, and when...
  4. Classified006

    [SOLVED] Can I user newer version of motherboards supporting Sockets LGA1151 for my intel 6700k?

    I am currently using gigabyte b150m d3h as mobo. But this mobo has only 2 DIMMS and halts my RAM speed to 2133 MHz. Although both my RAM sticks are 2400 MHz. SO I wanted to upgrade the mobo and would like to have 4 DIMMS if possible.
  5. K

    Question what's the difference between MSI H310M PRO VH And MSI H310 PRO VD

    whats difference between the two products?
  6. sennehaest

    [SOLVED] Would this be a functioning computer?

    Hi there! Im looking to upgrading my: CPU, Motherboard, ram and CPU cooler. So I made a pcpartpicker link with how my pc is gonna be looking( https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kGstvn ). The thing is that I'm not sure if these parts will fit, because I do not trust to pc part picker computer...
  7. Zomb0matic

    Question Computer turning on but no display/ USB power

    Before I continue, here are my specs: i5 6500 B150M Mortar 2x4GB HyperX RAM GTX 1070 ZOTAC Seagate 1TB HDD Kingston 120GB SSD I was updating a lot of drivers using a program yesterday night then restarted my computer. The BIOS showed that it was updating. I left the computer for a while to...
  8. E

    Enabled optimus, now opengl being ran off integrated graphics

    I've recently been tweaking my dell m4600 precision, trying to get it to run a little faster, and enabled NVIDIA Optimus in the BIOS, I read up on it and thought it would be a good idea, so I enable it and restart my system and attempt to benchmark it using MSI Kombustor 3, only to be presented...
  9. S

    keyboard ddouble leetteers

    soo i waanntted to reevive ssomme old commponents that i foundd to prrobably givee aaway for one of my nephews ssince ttheeyy aare prettty young , its a g945 with an e4500 4gb ram and a low af gppu (i think its a 6450) butt anywayy , all parts aree prreettty cleaan aand prrobably...
  10. T

    Space disappearing in C drive.

    Space disappearing from C drive. So I was trying to install Assassin's Creed Unity complete edition. I had about 45 Gb of space on my C drive including the games downloaded files which was 24.1 Gb (Highly compressed), so I had enough space to install the game. So to install I had to extract one...
  11. M

    Power supply in PC

    I am currently in the process of getting new parts and was wondering if i should get a better PSU. My new PC parts would be INTEL I7 6700K ,GTX 1080 Turbo, 2 TB HDD , 250gb ssd , 16gb of ram (not sure if i want ddr4 or leave it at ddr3) heres the psu i have now...
  12. N

    Internet authentication problum

    I have a insignia tablet and it won't authentication problum it keeps saying how do fix?
  13. A

    Motherboard BIOS settings not changing Primary Display to PCIE!! PLEASE HELP

    Hello Everyone, I am using an ASUS B250F gaming motherboard which is not detecting my GPU. Everytime I change Primary display from Auto to PCIE in BIOS, it changes it back. When I go into BIOS, primary display is still in Auto, it also shows that I changed it to PCIE in last modified. Any...
  14. H

    What Mid Tower case should i buy? Max 95$

    What Mid Tower case should i buy? max 95$ to fit: I7 7700k beQuiet Dark Rock 3 (160mm) 1060 3gb ARMOR OC
  15. P

    New Ryzen 5 1600 build won't post

    My computer fails to post. The PSU, GPU, and case were taken from my last working build. So I don't believe the issue lies with them. See full components here. The LED's turn on, CPU and case fans turn on. With both pieces of RAM first the CPU and VRAM debug LED's turn on momentarily, then...
  16. G

    Swapped hard drives in two (nearly) identical laptops and one won't boot

    I love my laptop so much I bought one for my son to use for school and light gaming with Minecraft. In all honesty it's too much laptop for him, but I got a great price. The one I bought has a few nicer features than my old one (a 3D screen and a Blu-ray drive) but otherwise they are identical...
  17. R

    Csrss Virus problem

    Okay, so in task manager>Process tab I found 4 csrss.exe process and each take 20%+ cpu. So my cpu is bottlenecking. I found out in some websites that to get rid of the virus is to end process the csrss via task manager. If no prompt than it really is a virus. And yes no prompt on mine. Then I...
  18. C

    1080p 144hx/120hz vs 1440p 60hz

    Current Build: i5 4570 Gtx Asus 1070 16gb of vengence ram Asus 1080p 60hz 1ms screen I'm currently looking into upgrading my monitor and debating on which to get, where the screen tearing on my current screen is horrible after it goes over 60fps, so I have to essentially have to have vertical...
  19. E

    I need help with my motherboard

    So my motherboard the FM2A68M-HD+ I am having trouble to figure out what slot my graphics card goes into but I CANNOT use the pcie 3.0 x16 as I do not have an FM2+ CPU (I have FM2, A4 7300) can any other slots take my ASUS GTX 750ti OC? Here's the specs...
  20. E

    My Passport Ultra seems dead

    Okay so I'm having problem with external Hard drive. I've been using this hard drive for 1 year w/o any problem. One day I lend this hdd to my cousin and when I get it back the and connected this to a tv it wont opened but the light on hdd indicates it is connected. I then try it on my pc and it...