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    Question can cooler master cpu cooler-Hyper 212X support LGA 1700 and AM5 socket CPUs?

    Hi, can cooler master cpu cooler-Hyper 212X support LGA 1700 ( only i5) and AM5 socket (only ryzen 5) CPUs?
  2. X

    Question Is it worth upgrading my system to a 13th gen Intel CPU or should I wait until 14th gen comes out ?

    Hi! I am thinking about upgrading my current system to a 13th gen CPU (And with that, my graphics card) but I realized that the 13th gen will be the last gen supporting the socket LGA1700, making me doubt in buying a whole new motherboard with no ability to upgrade later down the line without...
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    Question Opinion on these Z790 motherboards?

    I'm shopping for a MOBO for an i7 13700k. I have narrowed it down, if I missed something, please let me know. I want it to live long, so a maker with good track record: Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock, MSI. Asus and Gigabyte include aggressive bloatware in the form of Ring -1 (below Kernel) level...
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    [SOLVED] Any real disadvantage of a B760 or H770 versus Z790 ?

    Hello, I'm wondering which mobo chipset to go for for i7 13700k. The price difference is actually big. (>150 EUR) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGA_1700#Raptor_Lake_chipsets_(700_series) I'm getting a k cpu, because the price difference between k and non-k is negligible (~25 EUR where I live)...
  5. FRMNH

    Question Do these missing CPU socket pins are essential?

    Hello, I create this post because by removing my processor I broke and twisted pins (see photos), on an Asus Z690-A Gaming. I would like to know if there is a chance that it still works or if I have to change the motherboard? Images : https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=22/40/xlfb.jpg Thanks...
  6. breezett93

    Question Upgrading from Asus Z97 Pro ac

    After inputting the requirements listed below, Pcpartpicker showed me a whopping 0 results. So, I'm hoping to find a good compromise at a good price. Current requirements: LGA1700 - i9 12900 1x pcie 16 - rtx 3070 1x pcie 4 - capture card 1x pcie 1 - sound card at least 2 sata ports at least...
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    Question Is my brand new 3080 dead?

    Recently built myself a new lga1700 pc (specs below), however I have a sneaking suspicion that my GPU is a dud :/ Specs i7-12700K(F) ZOTAC RTX3080 Amp Holo 10GB 32GB DDR5 5200MHz Kingston Fury BEAST Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X A couple of decent m.2 ssd’s I have experienced a couple of crashes...
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    [SOLVED] Cooler Master 212 LGA 1700 Adapter

    Hi kind people of tomshardware :D I have recently bought a (Cooler Master 212); meanwhile other components of my PC started to die which obliged me to buy new components, But the MB (MSI B660M-A Pro ) that I ordered online has (LGA 1700) socket, I had found that an adapter exists to mount the...
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    [SOLVED] Help - Is my PSU compatible with the new z690

    Hi all, I have a system that I am planning to upgrade to rhe 12th gen. I was playing around pcpartpicker today and it says that z690 MSI Tomahawk wifi DDR4 is not compatible with my Corsair RM750i but it is compatible with the RM850i which is confusing. Current system: 6600k Z170 16GB ram...
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    Question 2666 mhz ram on b660m mobo with XMP profile?

    Hey there! The question would be regarding my 2x8 HyperX 2666Mhz RAM, that I'm currently using with XMP profile in a H370M Pro4 mobo from ASRock. I'm changing to a B660M PRO RS, which supports up to 4800 DDR4. I have zero experience with motherboards that have a higher frequency support than my...

    [SOLVED] Feedback needed

    Here are some pics of my build and some benchmarks: View: https://imgur.com/a/zP7l18K I don't build computers very often. I am a bit troubled with my PC shown as under performing. Also wondering if the heat is well controlled as per the stress tests images that can be seen in the links...
  12. GeSsH

    [SOLVED] Blinking power LED on LGA1700 build ?

    Hello Guys, a strange phenomenon appeared in my latest build, I would like to ask some advice. I have some experience with pc building, but I didn't see similar earlier. Config: Asus prime prime z690 d4 motherboard , i5 12600k cpu, EVGA 650W g3-as supernova PSU 16gb kingston ddr4 ram from the...
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    [SOLVED] Corsair AIO cooler for LGA1700

    Hi, please let me know which of the following AIO cooler will be best: Corsair 240mm H100i ELITE CAPELLIX RGB Intel/AMD CPU Liquid Cooler 240mm Corsair H150i RGB PRO XT - 360mm Liquid Cooler Corsair 360mm H150i ELITE CAPELLIX RGB Corsair iCUE H100i ELITE - 240mm Liquid Cooler Corsair iCUE H150i...