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  1. Question Issue Running AnyDesk on Xenialpup 7.5 – Shared Libraries Missing (But They're Not?)

    I have an old laptop that I bought from the hardware sale at our company which originally shipped with Vista and I used to run Windows XP on it. XP is pretty outdated so I decided to go with a lightweight Linux distro instead, Xenialpup seemed pretty good. I'd like to use AnyDesk for...
  2. AndrewFreedman

    Not Again: Facebook Detects Political Interference Ahead of US Midterms

    Facebook has identified coordinated attempts have been operating on its social media platform in an attempt to influence the United States' midterm elections this November. Not Again: Facebook Detects Political Interference Ahead of US Midterms : Read more
  3. K

    PC freezes while playing games

    I bought and assembled a pc for gaming. When i used to play games, the pc would freeze without any errors or bsod untill i hard reset it. It just freezes suddenly. I sold of my gpu thinking that it was the gpu's fault. Tried a friends gpu, still the same thing. So i gave up. After around 6...
  4. J

    New computer runs loud?

    I don't know if it's normal or not how loud my computer is but I am just using the fans that came with the case which probably are not top notch fans. It's not like extremely loud or anything but it sounds like a house fan you would plug into the wall right next to you and set to medium speed...
  5. A

    Notebook CPU with a NOT Notebook GPU?

    I have an A4-5000 (Notebook CPU) and I have got a GTX 950 Asus. Does it work?