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  1. B

    [SOLVED] Cloning disc image of activated Windows 10 to other PC

    Hello all! I have an activated copy of Windows 10 on my main PC. However, I will be moving and will be without that computer for up to 2 months. I want to clone the OS (Win10 plus all my apps and settings) to a laptop in the meantime. There might be a bit of an overlap, meaning I would have...
  2. T

    FPS drop for the whole laptop. freezing every 20 seconds

    so basically i got a new laptop in december. hp 250 g6 notebook. specs are: Intel i7-7500 CPU @ 2.70 GHz 8GB RAM 256 GB SSD memory Intel HD Graphics 620 (4182 MB total memory) my issue is, before Christmas, my laptop starting getting very big and longish FPS drops. especially during...
  3. J

    Pc won't post depending on ram combination

    So I recently tried overclocking my ram and cpu using a automatic overclock feature on my motherboard's bios called performance upgrade. I set it to 40% but the system wouldn't boot and it recovered back into bios. There is another automatic overclock feature on my board that just does the cpu...
  4. killey13

    will DDR4 thats currently out work with amd boards that are coming out soon?

    slowly building a new pc, i want to be on the look out for ddr4 price drops but will it be compatible with the AMD boards that arent out yet? i would assume its not an issue, but a lot of the RAM says "compatible with intel" as im writing this i realize how dumb it is. but i still want conformation