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  1. S

    Question DeepCool MATREXX 55 Case (RGB)

    Using: DeepCool MATREXX 55 Case Antec 120mm Case Fan, RGB Case Fans, PC Fan, 4-PIN RGB, F12 Series (6 fans) Asus Prime X-470 Pro (with 4pin RGB Header) Case offers 3 pin RGB header. My Asus board and fans uses 4 pins. We daisy-chained the 6 fans and plugin the boards RGB 4 pin header...all good...
  2. RGBillie

    Question Can't change light color in H500i case

    I just got the NZXT H500i case, and i downloaded the CAM software to change the colors of the light strips inside. But i cant/dont know how to. It just says "Please select on or more channels in order to apply changes" but there's nothing to click on.