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  1. willyburns

    Question Alienware AW3418DW RGB lighting flashing while playing Metro: Exodus

    Hi, I have a weird problem where the external RGB lighting on my 'Alienware AW3418DW' spazzes out, flickering in an off-white colour while playing Metro: Exodus through Xbox Game Pass (beta). I'm sure it has something to do with reactive lighting that some games utilise because my Corsair...
  2. D

    Question Please suggest PC parts for my Lighting and Rendering build

    Hi all, Approximate Purchase Date: In the end of October Budget Range: Around/Below 100K to 130K Indian Rupees. System Usage from Most to Least Important: Animation(Lighting and Rendering), GPU rendering, Gaming, Browsing, Sometimes overnight rendering( yes only sometime). Software usage: I...
  3. V

    Question Cooler Master ARGB fans LEDs not working

    So I've just bought a new motherboard and all that and the 3 in 1 Cooler master MF120R ARGBB fans and a MA410M CPU cooler, I've followed the instructions very carefully for both even watched youtube videos and for some reason only the fans are working and not the ARGB LEDS, One of the 3 in 1...
  4. T

    Question Using two RGB lighting systems together

    I am new to setting up RGB lighting in a build and when choosing my parts I never really paid attention to what I was buying (RGB wise) as I didnt care too much for RGB. But now that I have the computer assembled I figured I would at least see if I could get the RGB lights all running in unison...
  5. H

    Question Gigabyte Aorus Lights Not Always On

    I just recently bought a RTX 2070 Super. It's the Gigabyte Aorus version. I have a weird problem. The lights on the fans aren't on all the time. They turn off and on at random. They don't flicker, it is either on and running well, or they are completely off. The Aorus logo that faces me is...
  6. R

    Question Can you turn off RGB lighting on Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi with BIOS only settings?

    Hello - I am very interested in the Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi. However it is critical that I am able to keep the inside of the case as dark as possible. Although lighting it up like a Christmas tree can be fun for gaming, for my purposes I want no lights at all on the inside, perhaps with the...
  7. J

    Question Recommendations on how to connect everything to an asus b 450 f rgb header

    I need to connect everything including 3 led strips/ 6 fans/ and 4 rgb Ram heat sinks. the fans and heat sinks are daisy chain-able. I think what i need is a controller but i am not sure. I just want to be able to control everything using aura sync.
  8. Z

    Question Asus Aura Sync Install Problem Version 1.07.60

    AuraServiceSetup.exe hangs on aac hal install and gives error 2753. Then gives window that setup failed 0x80070643 "fatal error during installation". Log File contains : [0784:342C][2019-05-23T12:55:00]e000: Error 0x80070643: Failed to perform minor upgrade of MSI package...
  9. J

    Question Help with Custom Builds: Media Server, Gaming Servers, Security, Router, WiFi and Lighting

    I would like to get some feedback and input from the community on some plans I had for making a really cool [network/systems/setup] for my planned house (not my current house as I want to build a house when I get enough money and time scrapped together). My setup isn't intended to be the biggest...
  10. S

    Is there a software I can use to help with rgb controls?

    Is there a software of some kind that lets you add effects to an RGB keyboard that doesn't have many effects? Can i program it to use corsairs software or anything?
  11. A

    Question Ml120 RBG Not Working.

    So I recently bought the ml120 Rbg fan pack with the included rgb controller and lighting node pro. I've installed the fan headers onto a fan controller and the rgb headers onto the included rgb controller. I have 4 fans and I've followed the instruction on the manual. I've put the rgb headers...
  12. N

    Question Case RGB

    Recently I downloaded the iCUE software from Corsair. I download this so I could get access to modifying the controls on my gaming mouse. After the download completed, my entire case fans turned off and now I cannot figure out a way to turn it on. I found out that the software does not support...
  13. K

    [SOLVED] How to connect 5-pin to 4- pin

    Hello, my keyboard (Roccat Isku fx) just broke and I've decided to use the RGB panel from the keyboard. It has a 5-pin connector and I'd like to connect it to my 4- pin connector on my motherboard. Is that possible? Thank you for replies.
  14. Y

    Question RTX 2070 high temps

    Hello all, I just got a new Asus Dual RTX 2070, and im wondering if my temps are normal. They are always at 83+ when gaming. Does using a 1440p screen make a diffrence, and is the temps normal?
  15. K

    Question Cant clock my Amd 8370

    Hello, so i have a Amd Fx 8370 and ASRock 990fx fatality killer with overclocking watercooling And since i got the pc I couldn’t clock it in bios. I clocked it with amd overdrive turbo cores, 6 cores to 4.3 ghz thats 21.5x and thats all i why is my bios rejecting every change i make in it?
  16. K

    [SOLVED] Issues with hard drives after restting and updating

    Hey guys, so I just bought an RX 580 so I decided to nuke my windows 10 and start a new with a fresh windows 10 install. So, I installed the RX 580 and a 7-port USB 3.0 internal card I got, shut down the computer, unplugged my storage space drives (and color-coded the cords so I wouldn't mix...
  17. L

    GPU skyrocketing to 99 Percent when starting Fortnite

    So I have a RX480 and an I5-i3300 with 3.3gghrtz max. Any of u got a solution for me? Is it Hardware related?
  18. D

    laptop sees external speakers as internal

    ive noticed when i connect my external speakers it sees them the same as their internal speakers anyway to seperate this? my laptop has one blown speaker so i turned balance of for the right speaker but this setting now applies to the external speakers its a thinkpad s540
  19. B

    Laptop WiFi's very crap after replacing thermal paste

    So the other day I got a cheap 'gaming' laptop of gumtree for £250. It is an ASUS K550JX with i7-4720hq and a GTX 950m 4gb with 8gb RAM. I installed a SSD and reinstalled windows and downloaded a game. My CPU and GPU was getting over 90c! So I took the laptop apart and replaced the thermal...
  20. T

    5960x overclock big air vs aio

    Hello, I recently upgraded from a 5820k to a 5960x. I was wondering if an aio such as the x62 kraken, 115i, evga clc 280mm improve the thermals compared to a r1 ultimate which I have already. The r1 kept my 5820k oc to 4.5 w/1.275vcore at 78c during stress tests. With the 5960x, attempting a...