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    Is this a normal boot up sound?

    When I boot up my laptop my hard drive (I'm pretty sure it's my hard drive) makes this screeching sound. It also makes the same sound from time to time when I'm using the laptop. Link: The last 2 sounds are the strange sounds. Are they normal?
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    i5 4570 Prime95 Temps

    After 20 min of Prime95 I got a max of 73 degrees Celsius on one of the cores. I do have a 212 evo cooler. Any way to boost cooling?
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    Speaker Set up

    Hi All, My laptop is connected to Sony 5.1 Channel home theatre through a RCA cable, however under Speakers Properties, I see the surround speaker option grayed out. I use Windows 7 Basic. Below is the steps that I follow: Sounds>Right Click>Playback Devices>Playback>Speakers>Right...