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  1. PorowSnax

    Question My pc keeps crashing while playing games

    Hello I built a new pc last month, everything was fine until 3 days ago. While playing red dead 2 i had my pc crash. Symptoms Black screen all usb connect devices flashes (I think they are resetting) All fans on the pc are still spinning. RGB lights are still on, so thats cool... GPU has a...
  2. aidfarrell70

    [SOLVED] Motherboard RGB always on ?

    Not sure if it's even meant to be like this but whenever I turn my PC off the rgb on the motherboard stays on. I just finished this build so maybe there's something I've done wrong. Any solutions??
  3. D

    Upgraded Mobo and CPU, Having issues

    Hello So after a year or so I decided to upgrade my Gigabyte f2a55m-hd2 mobo and AMD x4 740k cpu. My system before hand ran windows 10 no problems, but now when I boot up its very leggy and slow. It can take 15 mins before I can click things which themselves take there sweet time. I have had...