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  1. Question black and green squares appearing on videos.lines appearing on looking incorrect

    hello a couple of days ago i started having a problem first appearing on YouTube where black and green squares start appearing randomly on videos and something like this too and after a while these lines started appearing on my browsers and everywhere to be honest and then my PC started...
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    Question Verticle lines on monitor

    The screen turns normal after like 10minutes of staying on ish. what is wrong? just got it. havent dropped it. do i have to send it back?
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    [SOLVED] Strange Lines appearing on Screen

    I have this monitor; LG-24MP59HT-P just yesterday, a strange issue started happening to the monitor screen. regardless whether the monitor is connected to the PC or is just idle, these strange lines keep appearing. Even when the PC is off ( but the monitor itself is on ) and the display ports...
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    Question Display issue [1050ti)

    Hello guys system spec Monitor - Lenovo Legion y25f Graphic card - Asus GTX1050ti Asus z170-A Windows 10 v1803 Displays shows lines Image when i install drivers. no issues in basic display driver things i've tried checked with different cables , bios update, different drivers , used DDU to...
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    Question Purple lines - screen issue

    Hello, I want to buy a secondhand notebook and now I found one, but there's a problem with screen. It does a big purple lines. When you press a place upon the keyboard the lines dissapear. The seller thinks it could be a cable to monitor. What do you think? Any suggestions? It's Dell Latitude...
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    Chrome makes my CPU hot

    Hey, so while browsing on internet and watching videos on youtube using Chrome my CPU goes up to 45°-50°C, that's the same temp i get when playing games like Overwatch. I've already turned off hardware acceleration on Chrome's configuration. It definetely is not my CPU because i rarely go over...