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  1. codecz

    Question Static Wavy Horizontal Lines VGA Monitor

    Monitor: AOC E2070SWNE Graphics: Default Graphics card from AMD A10 So I've had this monitor since 2017, and ever since, it had this band of semitransparent lines, more like an inch wide. It keeps going up the screen over and over. Here's a video about it. (18) Horizontal static lines going up...
  2. O

    Question Monitor has horizontal flickering lines whenever I use high refresh rate

    Hi, My monitor screen flickers very badly when I set the refresh rate 144hz, but its slightly less noticeable whenever I decrease the refresh rate. I'm using the BenQ XL2720z monitor. I noticed that the flickering and the lines disappear whenever I'm in my PC's BIOS, but they come back...
  3. D

    Question Monitor screen has vertical and horizontal lines over it ?

    Hi my monitor had these horizontal lines at the bottom part and I thought it would go away on its own since I already experienced it repair itself. But eventually it took over the entire screen. Could this issue be due to the monitor or the GPU? My second monitor works fine though. Screenshot...
  4. ferrarachristian8

    Question Horizonal line flickering Lenovo Y50-70 on high brightness?

    I have a problem with my Lenovo Y50–70. A while ago this horizontal line appeared at the top of the display, a few centimeters from the edge. Initially it was just a white hotrizontal line, after a few weeks, suddenly, other continuous ones appeared and started flashing. From the lines down, all...
  5. Question Windows boot screen has weird lines/artifacts

    My computer has these weird lines and keeps rebooting about 5 seconds into the windows logo from all devices. An HDD, an SSD, and USB (media creation tool). Bios loads fine and I just updated it. It happened 2 days ago and I havent changed anything. Could it be the CPU? Tried different GPU...
  6. R

    Question Strange and pefectly periodic horizontal lines on laptop display ?

    I have a 2 year old MSI GS65 8RE which I recently gave took in for a cpu fan replacement. One week after getting it back I started to notice some some slight flickering in the taskbar area which after a few days turned into full length horizontal lines covering approx 25% of the taskbar at 125%...
  7. E

    [SOLVED] Screen has horizontal lines on the bottom, then goes away

    Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming Ram: G.Skill DDR4 3200 16GB CL16 KIT (2x8GB) CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X BOX (AM4) (with a bequiet! Dark Rock 4 cooler on it) GPU: Sapphire 5700 XT Nitro+ SE 8GB PSU: Seasonic Focus 650 Gold Semi-modular SSD: ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 256GB HDD: 1 TB WD Sometimes...
  8. B

    Question Unusually curved lines appear in background of movies and games on my PC.

    I apologise if this is the wrong place to post this. I have experienced this small issue since building my PC approximately 2 years ago. I noticed unusual curved lines appearing on my display that I previously thought was a hardware issue. After looking at screenshots taken from different games...
  9. B

    Question pc shuts off when windows loading

    cant reset pc with windows repair reached 50% and said exit to windows 10 again.. i get to safe mode only flickering lines in screen glitches
  10. Question Strange pixels/lines appearing on certain apps when no action is happening

    I have noticed that on certain screens, including Oculus, Minecraft, and Quixel Bridge that strange white/grey lines or pixels appear when I am not moving my cursor. When I move the cursor over the affected area it disappears but then appears again. I need to know what is causing this...
  11. [SOLVED] What caused these lines to appear on my monitor?

    I call them vertical lines but I'm not sure if that's the correct description. Anyway, you can see the picture to know what I'm talking about. This is a cheap VA monitor and the lines appeared in the first year of use. I suspect it either happened due to cheap design (is this what people call...
  12. R

    [SOLVED] SAPPHIRE AMD RADEON R9 270X why are green pink lines appearing on my pc plz help,

    suddenly my graphics card has also stopped working, fans of the gpu are not working... GREEN PINK lines have also started appearing on my pc. plz help , in device manager i cant see my gpu. when i install my gpu's drivers and re boot my pc, the pc does not boot. to make the pc boot i have the...
  13. E

    [SOLVED] Lines on Monitor - Faulty Monitor or graphics card?

    Hi Guys! So i have two Samsung monitors, however, one has a intermittent fault where these weird lines/chunks of black appear on the screen. The weird thing is, if i restart the monitor a few times, these will dissapear and it'll work as normal, however, once i turn it off and then turn it on...
  14. N

    Question Waves on monitor/Moving lines

    So i recently bought this PC it has a Core 2 Quad Q9650, 4 gigs of ddr3 2x2 and gtx 750 (Zotac) with Gigabyte G41M Combo and the monitor model is LG Flatron W2246 it has a VGA port which i'm using and the lines/waves pattern changes for some reason and i tried another monitor and same issue and...
  15. MineSwage

    Question msi gtx 1060 6gb red hoziontal lines

    so i have a msi gtx 1060 6gb armor edition (non overclockt) for almost a year and on one of my monitors i started to get red and green lines. i have swaped cabels and i am sure that its the card/pc and not the cable or monitor it only happens on one of the hdmi outputs. any iedeas on what to do...
  16. C

    Question Wifi Physically Disconnected

    Hello! I am not entirely sure if this in the right place, so if it is not, I apologize! Back in 2016 I got a HP Pavilion 15-au063nr. As I'm told, these things have horrible hinges, and in the process of waiting for screws the Realtek chip disconnected physically. I found this when someone...
  17. W

    nb255 wont turn on after claning

    I spilled a small amount of water on the keyboard. The laptop continued working with the exception of four or five keys, So i used canned spay air on the keyboard and turned the power off. Now power light comes on but the system doesn't turn on or boot up. Any suggestions on how to bring the...
  18. Randomdeath

    Input lag on two cpus vs one?

    I was just wondering to myself, if I played any game (csgo, for example since everyone screams about input lag on that game) would there be much of a difference between two cpus and one cpu? For example if I played on an older, high end workstation/server with two cpu sockets, should I fill them...
  19. J

    Brown gunk on gpu after spilling tea on computer

    Last night I accidently spilled tea on my desk which dripped down on to my pc, through my fan grate and onto the back of my gpu through a whole in the backplate. The fans in my computer started spinning faster and the whole thing turned off. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to...
  20. A

    using 2 PSUs, 1 for my GPU and 1 for the rest of the PC

    hello a few days ago i encountered a hardware issue that im still trying to solve, i wish to know if this is just my PSU dying on me or i loaded too much on him. for this i with to use a different PSU to run my GPU only [for testing] and the original one to run the rest of the pc. can it be done...
  21. L

    Intermittent freezing/lag, best approach to investigate?

    Hello, I have a desktop computer with Windows 7 and in the last few months it started to constantly freeze for some seconds. It's happening intermittently and all the time, independent of the application(s) I'm using at the time. I looked at the processes running but I did not find anything...
  22. J

    Computer freezes while rendering videos but not while playing games

    So, I have been having this problem where I will record a video and edit it using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, but when I try to render it out, the computer always freezes and i have to press the restart button. My first thought is that maybe the computer was trying to do to much but this doesn't...
  23. Z

    what mobo and video card

    Hi there I am look to get a new mother board and a graphics card I have a i5 3570k and my previous mobo was a Asus Maximus v formula, I only used it for video recording and playing arma 3 my buget is roughly £400 thank you Dean
  24. V

    HD swap help?

    I'm building a new pc tomorrow and I have a clean empty 500gb Hard drive. I will install windows on it and it should work fine. 500 gb is not enough for me. My current pc has some issues and I took all the parts out of it. I have a extra 1tb hard drive available now. How will I be able to add...
  25. J

    Is my cooler compatible?

    The cooler that is inside of my computer as of right now is the ASETEK 550LC 120MM WATERCOOLER. I have decided that I wanted to update my PC. I plan on buying a new CPU, graphics card, more ram, and a new motherboard. The CPU I plan on buying is an Intel i5 6600, I just need to know if my cooler...
  26. A

    automatically turn on PC with h170M?

    I upgraded my mobo to a gigabyte h170m and i want to use turn my computer automatically at a certain time, something i was able to do with my older one. is it possible on this specific version?
  27. R

    Fixing Computer - GPU is dead?

    Fixing my friend's computer for him, it BSOD'd on him and then every time you restart it gets to the windows splash screen then reboots. Boots up fine in safemode, I did a bunch of things like msconfig for potential driver issues, scanned for viruses and removed any and finally removed all...
  28. C

    Dum question for installing windows 10

    When installing windows 10 with a usb, when you get to the part where you're able to format and partition the hard drive and stuff like that, do you choose the usb or the actual ssd or hdd. I was wondering if you have to choose the usb or the hard drives? Why do you have to delete the hard...
  29. parani

    i7 4790(non k) and gtx 980ti sli

    hi guys i decide to get an i7 4790 instead of 4790k which is 75usd higher than non k. So im going to buy i7 4790 (non k). i need to know will it handle the gtx 980ti in SLI.
  30. M

    Windows 10 detecting wireless card as ethernet

    After struggling with Windows 10 demons for a couple of months I finally realized today that inmsinfo32, Windows is detecting my Broadcom Ethernet connection, and my Intel wireless connection both as Ethernet. It does hook me up, but through the Ethernet icon rather than wireless. As a matter...
  31. B

    Generation of Intel CPU

    How to find the Generation of an Intel CPU. Mine is i5-760
  32. S

    Num Lock Turns Keyboard OFF

    My lenovo y50-70 laptop has been working good until now, I currently have numerous problems with the keyboard. When i press num lock the keyboard completely turns off, i searched the internet to fix the problem but i found 0 people with the same the problem. Other than that the Esc Alt G P H Y ...
  33. P

    How Safe Is Port Forwarding?

    So I know the answer to this question was all over the internet but what I seemed to get was that port forwarding is safe as long as no-one hacks me. I want to port forward Assassin's Creed Unity because of strict NAT issues and possibly other games in the future (PC). While the internet seems...
  34. InfernalSurge

    Can't Upgrade to Windows 10 -- Tried Everything!

    Hi, it seems that my PC just doesn't want to upgrade to Windows 10 from 8.1 no matter what I try And I've tried EVERYTHING from forum posts. This is ridiculous. I just got this error message after upgrading from a USB stick that says "Something happened. Windows 10 installation has failed." What...
  35. T

    1km+ 1mbit+ as little as possible

    I am looking for a system capable of transmitting data (It doesn't really matter if it works using wifi or any other solution) in a speed of minimum 1Mbit/s and range at least 1km. It should be working full radius (No dead angles). Ubiquiti has some nice products but they are just too big for...
  36. L

    Computer crashes, lights and fans still function. Requires power cycling.

    I built this computer just a little over a year ago, and this problem has been occurring for the last few months. It's been really difficult for me to pinpoint the origin of this problem because it seems to happen at arbitrary times. Sometimes during gaming, sometimes during browsing the web...
  37. S

    Intel G630 2.70ghz 6gb ddr3 ram with asus hd5450 2gb ddr3 does it work.

    I have g630 intel mbb and asus hd5450 2gb ddr3 graphics card with 2X4gb DDR3 1333mhz ram. now which 500X250gb hdd. no dvd writer (have that external) with dell s2240L max res 1920X1080p full hd led. guide me to which asus amd driver should i install for my graphics card hd5450.
  38. P

    Speaker drivers not installed

    Hey there, i installed windows 7 64 bit recently but audio is not being played and its showing speakers not installed. i have intel e7200 motherboard.. plz help..
  39. S

    Is a GTX970 Compatible with the Intel Desktop Board DP67BG?

    I am selling my pc to a friend which has a Intel Desktop Board DP67BG inside and he hopes to upgrade to a 970 in the future, are they compatible?
  40. J

    My Buffalo PXU2 500GB External Hard Disk Shows as only Local Disk in My Computer and I can't access it. Pls help. Thanks.

    Dear Friends, I was transferring some files from my PC hard disk to my external hard disk when suddenly, the power supply was cut, and the PC was shut off. When I restored the power supply again, the external hard disk only shows up as Local Disk (i), and I can't access it. I have important...