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    Question Xfinity/Linksys not allowing me to port forward anymore?

    I know how to port forward, I have been doing so for years. A few months back, I bought a router from Linksys to act as an extension to the router I have on a separate floor, connected via ethernet. Port forwarding has worked fine for me except a few days ago, when suddenly it wasn't working. I...
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    Question How to persist DHCP reservations between reboots?

    I have a new Linksys AX5400 router on my home network. It offers the ability to set up DHCP reservations. But I have found that these reservations are lost upon a reboot of the router. I have also found no way to back up these settings so they may be restored after the reboot. Linksys tech...
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    [SOLVED] How best to connect Powerlines, WiFi Mesh nodes (Velop) and desktop switches?

    Hello! Very confused with all this and I'm desperately trying to figure out what should connect to what and which way around etc. Each Powerline adapter has 2 ports on it. So one to a node, another to a switch? Or one to the node and one from the node to the switch? Or one to the switch and one...
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    [SOLVED] Help in choosing a new router

    Hello. I am looking for a new router for my home, my main priority is coverage, the whole house is made of wood but not the basement where it is made out of concrete. I have an average Internet connection of about 50 Mbps so i won't use a routers gigabit connectors or the 5ghz connection to...
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    [SOLVED] Linksys velop 3pack vs individual nodes to WRT-1900ACS

    I need a mesh wifi for my home (by mesh I mean all nodes having the same ap and password-so that I do not have to connect using a different password as in the case of range extenders). I currently have Linksys WRT 1900ACS. So do I buy individual velop nodes and connect them to my existing...
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    [SOLVED] Issue in Network

    We have an Office on which we have 20 to 25 laptop-based clients. We have 9 Difference vendor access points (TPLINK, LINKSYS, DLINK, CISCO) and have single SSID configured on all AP's. From the last 10 month, clients are facing slow network issues both on LAN to LAN and LAN to INTERNET ping...
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    [SOLVED] Setting up TP-link TD-9970 as modem with Linksys wrt1900acs

    I've been trying to set up a TP-link TD-9970 in bridge mode so i can use it as a modem and have my Linksys wrt1900acs do the routing. However, I cant get it to work. On the TD-9970 I've tried having a single interface bridging the dsl connection with my ISP specific VPI and VCI. I've tried...
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    [SOLVED] Are there any free Wi-Fi or MAC Address Filtering software?

    Hi, In our building, we have routers that acts as a switch to provide WAN connection for an entire floor. We got our Wireless MAC Filter Access Restriction set to 'Enabled' so we can filter out users who can connect. A lot of people come and go and this part of work can be really repetitive...
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    [SOLVED] How to use Linksys E2500 in Wireless Bridge Mode

    I want to provide LAN connectivity to 3 devices in a room where there is no Ethernet available but there is WiFi. I bought a Linksys E2500 v3 router hoping to connect that to my primary modem+router in Wireless Bridge mode. But on the admin page I only see a Bridge mode but no wireless bridge...
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    Question Unable to port forward for Security Camera system

    Hi all, before posting this thread I have combed endlessly through the internet for a solution with no luck, so I am really hoping the you kind people out there can help me out. So here is my problem, I have a QSee security camera system and I am trying to set up port forwarding so that I can...
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    Question Raid 5 depleted ASRock P67 Extreme6

    Hi guys. I had 4 8tb disks running raid 5 on sata 2 ports of ASRock P67 Extreme6 card. One drive got water damaged and is dead now. Array works but in depleted mode at the boot up. I went into a utility and there is no option to recover, however I haven't tried replacing a disk yet. I am...
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    Question Absurdly high memory usage, memory in task manager doesn't "add" up correctly

    Modest laptop but used to work very well until a few weeks ago: Intel core i3-3217U 4 gb ram intel hd graphics 4000 My issue is that even 4 tabs on google chrome prompts a memory alert. I can't use an IDE while having browser tabs open anymore. At idle the computer is about 40% memory usage...
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    Question Bios detects HDD but wont boot

    Hi everybody: I was watching YouTube and suddenly my PC froze, so I push de Reset button and then the Asus logo appeared and suddenly Zap! Can't find any bootable devices. I entered to the Bios, my MoBo it's an Asus Z97-A with a Intel Core i7 4770, the Bios couldn't detect my bootable SSD so I...
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    Question Mouse stutters when CPU under load

    Hey. So I recently built a new gaming PC... Intel Core i5-8600K NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti MSI Z370 Gaming M5 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 Crucial MX500 250GB Seagate BarraCuda 1TB Cooler Master Masterwatt 650 NZXT Kraken X62 When playing any slightly demanding game, my mouse starts...
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    Graphic chip in old VAIO dead or just needs reballing

    I have an old Sony VAIO PCG-7121M, It works well for my need but it started showing red stripes while booting and windows are reporting faulty graphics card (Nvidia 8400m GT). Because laptop is working except for apps that need dx or anything with graphics I was wondering if maybe just needs...
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    Computer won’t turn on. Suspected CPU

    So I recently decided to put together a new PC and here are the specs: CPU: i5-7600k Motherboard: MSI B360 Gaming Plus Graphics Card: 1050 Ti 4G (4GB) RAM: 8 GB (2 X 4GB Viper DDR4 @ 2400 MHz) PSU: Antec VP - 450 (450 Watt) Case: Deepcool Genome ROG Edition The system will flicker on for a...
  17. B

    Different switching adapter with the same input/output?

    Okay, so I bought a 144hz monitor a few months back. Turned out that the switching adapter that came with it emitted an infernal electrical noise when my computer was turned off. Customer support wanted me to send the entire monitor + adapter, but I felt it was too much of a nuisance now to send...
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    thermalpad wrongly applied

    Hello Community! Recently replaced my thermalpad,and i think i did it wrong ,i was seeing on google pics and it s not covered! Down are 2 pics :1 mine,with thermal pad applied 2 from a google review on laptop
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    Question RAM only shows as VIRTUAL RAM in Windows 10 System Information

    I only have 1 RAM Slot, 8 Gb built in, 8 Bb installed. My user installed RAM ONLY shows up as virtual RAM. Have reseated the DIMM. Have tried a 2nd brand name of RAM with the same specs. Only 8 Gb shows as RAM in Task Manager, as well. (8 Gb built in + 8 Gb user installed) CPU-Z shows all the...
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    Black Friday Shopping - Help me decide on a good build! Streaming / Creative Work

    Hello I'm wondering if there's a good system listed I mainly want to do photoshop work (illustration and graphic design) with good capability for streaming games and artwork. Do you all have any suggestions from the...
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    Maximus XI Extreme m.2 Question

    Hey guys, first time buyer of an m.2 SSD (and I'm upgrading my computer after a good 5 years of waiting). I was wondering which slot is the best to plug in the m.2 SSD that I bought or if it really matters. I know you can use the bundled DIMM.2 heatsink or you can install in the normal slots...
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    Is it safe to OC Core 2 Quad Q6600 to 3.00 GHz on Foxconn G31MXP motherboard?

    Hi all! I would like to OC my Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz CPU to 3.00 GHz ,and my mobo is Foxconn G31MXP, so I would like to know if it would be safe to OC it? Also could my mobo die from the OC? I am planning to OC the CPU with ThrottleStop,and use the OC CPU only while gaming. Please help...
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    [SOLVED] i5 9600k with vsync for streaming

    Hi there, I'm looking to upgrade my i7 4770 for a new processor. I put in the first place gaming performance and I want to focus mainly on a one game and stream this quite often. I consider buying i5 9600k but after some research I saw terrible video quality on viewer's side, because it seems...
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    Battlefield 5 Locks down my PC

    Hi so when I launched BF5 for the first time I set everything up (sensitivity, graphics, etc..) and then when I joined a match my PC locked down, the windows buttons not worked (ctrl+alt+del, etc) and I needed to hard shutdown my PC and restart, then I got into a match again, everything was fine...
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    Laptop BIOS Chip help!

    I corrupted my Dell Inspiron 15 3543 BIOS, so now im trying to erase and write the uncorrupted BIOS, but need some help doing this. Im using a CH314A USB Programmer and want to know which chip configuration I should use. Is the laptop BIOS chip a EEPROM or SPI Flash? And what is the difference...
  26. williamseattle

    AMD or intel build $500.00 Barebones Budget

    What is a good intel or Amd Ryzen build for 2018 Med-high graphics working with a gtx 1060/gtx 1070 video card ? Games Battlefield V...
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    Take a look at my pc build

    I just created a pc on pcpartpicker. I want to use it for 3d rendering, gaming, and programming. I would love an opinion of what is needed and what is not on this build. http://
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    Is GTX 1080 TI stock cooler enough for overclocking?

    I'm going to get GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Edition. And i'm wondering if stock cooler is going to be enough for overclocking this card. If not, should i get GTX 1080 Ti from another company or just buy aftermarket cooler?
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    simple RAID1 setup with bad sectors

    Hi all! I love this site, although I only understand about 1/10th of what you guys talk about. I have a very basic RAID1 setup in a Buffalo LinkStation 421. It has 2- 3Tb drives, and is used for data storage only in a small office environment (2 people). There is no OS on the drive(s). The...
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    I have a lenovo laptop with ideapad 110 with 4GB ram and the processor is AMD E1, can I change the processor?

    Changing of processor of lenovo ideapad 110 with AMD E1 processor
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    Optiplex 755, USB keyboard double types in BIOS and DOS, please help

    This is going to make me pull out my hair at this point. I can not do anything of note in the BIOS. I can access the BIOS, but the cursor will jump 2-3 spaces up and down at one key press from my USB keyboard. In an attempt to update the BIOS using FreeDOS bootable USB, typing from the keyboard...
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    Computer Shuts Down on its own(not overheating)

    so im having this issue where it shuts downs (not restarting) no overheat, usually like before the computer boots up to OS, and after like5min,20min and even 10-15hours. I honestly have no clue whats causing the problem, my psu is not that old and my temperatures are all good CPU is arround...
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    How To Fortnite Battle Royale - Funnel Guide

    Among all other structures of Fortnite Battle Royale, Funnel is a popular one and many players use it especially when they are playing as a squad. The structure provides great cover with an added advantage of height. If you want to know what a funnel is, how to use it and how to build both of...
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    hook up tv,dvd, sat box to receiver for 5.1 sound

    hi, how do i need to hook up my tv, dvd player, sat box to my receiver for 5.1 sound from tv and dvd? my receiver does not have an hdmi connectivity. these are the components: blu ray dvd player: samsung BD-J5100 tv: LG led tv 65UJ6540 sat box: att/uverse ISB7005 receiver: Pioneer elite...
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    How to bypass windows 7 password

    Can't boot into bios
  36. Colif

    How To Fix Windows Taskbar Icons Randomly and Periodically Blink

    You may notice the icons on taskbar refresh themselves randomly A fix to this is to change some privacy settings go to Privacy settings and then to Diagnostics & feedback, from there, change: 1. Diagnostic data from Full to Basic. 2. Improve Inking & typing recognition, Tailored Experience...
  37. rangafromtonga

    People can hear my PC in Discord???

    I got this new condenser mic and now for some odd reason, when I am in a discord with my friends talking to them they can hear my pc sounds. I have tried muting my sound and watching a video and they can't hear it, but then when i mute my mic and play the video, they can still hear it??? No idea...
  38. P

    Mobo dead cpu red light, boot red light, memory red light?

    Last night I had a shortcut due to a bad storm and when I open my computer I saw the logo and directly go in my bios, I had touch nothing to the bios and press save and restart. Bam, black screen with a white bar on my screen, freeze to death. Red boot light was on. After I restart my computer I...
  39. R

    Windows 10 Boot Issues

    The issue I am having is I cannot boot up to windows 10. If I try to boot from my hard drive I get the screen that says select a proper boot device. If I use boot manager to load I get an error that says “Unmountable boot volume” I’ve made a Recovery USB but when I plug it in and go into my bios...
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    Unable to boot via USB

    I recently used the windows media creation tool and made a bootable USB. My problem is, the PC is not detecting the USB as a bootable media. I know the problem is with my PC because the USB worked as expected on my Laptop. I had installed the current OS on the PC only recently using the same USB...