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  1. Question Need help with network setup to connect to VPN server

    Hi, So I've been instructed to connect to a VPN server that a colleague has set up, he gave me an IP and Port and which Protocol to use (UDP) that i should open as outbound connection in the firewall. The idea is that a Linux controller and a PC is communicating with each other in a private...
  2. New Void

    Question Best Tails Security?

    Hello, which is better for use in Tails? 1) 2) I am new to this so an explanation would be nice. Thank you.
  3. MalakiArtook

    [SOLVED] can't install windows after removing linux

    Hey guys i got a big question here! So the issue is I have been trying to install windows on a lenovo YOGA 710 all morning to no avail! I booted from Hirens on a usb, ran AOMIE, deleted the partition, converted it to GPT, and rebuilt the MBR. I'm still getting the " A media driver your...
  4. TheDarkPleco

    Question Windows machines cannot access Linux hosted samba share

    Hello folks! I am currently trying to figure out quite the puzzle. Our office group has had a samba share working for the longest time on a Linux system and it seems to have gone down without any changes. I took a look and the samba shares seem to be still running, and I can access them using...
  5. R

    Question AMD Radeon RX 5700XT support for linux

    Hello all, I want to buy the new AMD GPU Radeon but i don't know if is supported for linux or is a good choice. Regards,
  6. editor1

    Question HELP Home invasion possibly a security breach

    HI I woke up to seeing all kinds of dirt under desk wear pc is. Door open. But no items stolen. I have ran a few antimalware scanners and installed avg on my desktop after the advent. I will in a few secs live boot some malware scanners and safe mode scan's. I want to cheek and see if pension...
  7. E

    Question GTX670+EXP GDC on Linux?

    I have a Dell Latitude E6520 and successfully managed to connect up an eGPU (GTX 670) via EXP GDC on Windows 10. However, I tried getting the eGPU to work with Linux (manjaro and ubuntu) before, but it didn't work and I'm wondering if there are specific drivers I need to download for the GTX 670...
  8. P

    Question Windows 7 vs Windows 10??

    I am formatting my computer, I am struggling to decide on which windows to install. Windows 10 does not ask user whether to install upadates or not. Let me know your views on which to choose version of window. Thanks
  9. K

    Question How to get my headphone working in SparkyLinux 4.10 LXDE

    I am using SparkyLinux's Live CD. The speakers work but the headphones don't. My laptop is HP Compac Presario C700. I don't understand how Linux works and have no experience in it so please keep it as newbie friendly as possible.
  10. S

    Question Linux Freezing

    Not quite sure where to start looking; depending on how intensely I'm using my computer, the system will completely freeze a few times a day - I cannot switch to a tty or anything, and I am forced to restart. I thought this was an overheating issue, but I'm fairly sure it's happened once or...
  11. W

    Question Puppy linux

    I installed Puppy linux on VM ( on my job ) for web browsing, because all other OS work in VM so slow and they are unusable. I allocate 1700 MB of RAM and 2 Cores to VM but still each OS is so slow except Puppy. Cpu is some Celeron G with 4 GB of ram. Host OS is Win7. I would like to know how...
  12. vikas027

    Question Suggestion for home lab build to run multiple VMs

    Hello Everyone, I am planning to build a custom PC for my home lab which will run Proxmox VE and can run a lot of VMs. I think at max, I will need it to run 15 VMs. Can someone please suggest me a configuration? This is what I have in mind as of now: AMD Threadripper 1950X Motherboard which...
  13. Dylan1999

    Question Sound not working Ubuntu 19.04

    So I just installed the latest version of ubuntu because windows was giving me a bunch of crashing troubles and I wanted something new and clean but I remember now why I went back to windows twice after downloading this. But im determined to try and sort this out and not waste my time again...
  14. thedeathclox

    [SOLVED] Alienware 15R3 display issues with all Distros

    Hey, as the title suggests, I can't seem to get ANY distro to play nice with my laptop. Of course, as highlighted in the title, it's an Alienware 15R3 - i7-7700HQ, 24GB DDR4, GTX 1060 6GB (switchable with Intel HD 620 onboard), NVMe 240GB SSD and 2TB platter drive. Seems like every distro I try...
  15. G

    Question Special Laptop Troubleshoot(Lenovo B560 power led blinking, No display)

    So here's the whole story. I was trying to repair this laptop i.e. Lenovo B560. It had lagging issues. The way it was lagging, I was pretty sure it was cause of tons of viruses in it. So I started installing a fresh windows on it. And after that, when I was about to install the antivirus, I...
  16. M

    Question Dual boot question (W10 & Linux Mint)

    I have a Windows PC and a Linux PC. If somehow I decided to move the HDD from the Linux PC to my Windows PC, is it possible to dual boot? If it can, what should I do? Windows: W10 on 1TB HDD Ryzen 3 2200G - 8GB RAM Asrock A320M HDV Linux: Mint 19 on 500GB HDD Phenom II X4 955BE - 4GB RAM...
  17. K

    Question What Linux distro to use? I am a beginner to linux and I have an old PC.

    Hello all. So today, I have thought today of changing to Linux cause my hardware is going too old overtime very quickly and isn't capable of running Windows 10 at a very good speed with the best performance settings applied possibly that I can change... So that's the reason I am now wanting to...
  18. C

    Question Does BIOS fan control work in Linux?

    I'm looking to buy an Asus or Gigabyte motherboard, and would like to know how well their BIOS hardware-monitoring is supported in Linux, especially fan/pump control. Does Linux even use the BIOS after boot? In case I have to use lm_sensors, can you tell me if your Asus or Gigabyte model is...
  19. V

    Question Minecraft runs bad on on vega 11 , Ryzen 5 2400G CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G Motherboard: MSI B450M PRO-M2 (MS-7B84) Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws V DDR4 2666 C15 2x8GB SSD/HDD: WD Green 240GB SSD , WD Green 2TB HDD GPU: Vega 11, igpu (currently on 19.4.3) PSU: Super Flower Bronze FX 450W 80 Plus Bronze OS...
  20. C

    Question Will CPU turbo mode increase fan speed?

    When the CPU turbo boosts and temps increase, will the BIOS or OS increase fan/pump speed accordingly? I'm looking for a higher-end Z390 Asus or Gigabyte board (Maximus Hero, Aorus Xtreme...), with an i9-9900. I'll be using Linux, so I'll need to know if its the BIOS/UEFI or OS that handles this...