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    Question After deleting dual boot pc windows boots slowly.

    Hello friends I have had dual booted my windows 10 laptop alongside Linux Mint. Now I used to choose between OS by linux grub loader.When I used to select windows 10 it took lot more time to boot to windows. It was normal that windows have to boot from scratch every time I was OK with it. But...
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    [SOLVED] LINUX Problem in HP Notebook

    Hello everyone!!! I am being fed up due to this problem. I have tried everything i could do. I have tried installing every linux in my notebook but each of them gave me the same error. At every bootup, it encounters a warning saying ata2: COMRESET FAILED (errorno (-32)). And the boot load time...
  3. Question Memtest 86 Test 6 - errors

    I recently bought 2nd hand 2x4gb for my old laptop. The ram i got is SK Hynix SO-DiMM 1.35v 1600MHz My CPU only uses 1333 only though. Previously i had 3Gb 1x1gb 1333Mhz and 1x2Gb 1333Mhz oth 1.5v - some preinstalled modules frome the factory of Laptop. i was using Linux Mint on that laptop it...