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  1. C

    Question Alienware m17 R3, can the I7 10750H be delidded and have Thermal Grizzly Liquid Metal applied?

    Hello, I'm writing to see if anyone knows to start off with, if you can delid the I7 10750H in an Alienware laptop. I've seen multiple delid kits sold, but none list compatability with my cpu specifically. Secondly, is liquid metal safe with this cpu if so? I wasn't sure on the ihs material...
  2. Seabass101

    Question AMD CPU 3600X or 5600X

    Hi, I currently have a Asus Viii Hero WiFi motherboard with a 3600X and will be upgrading to a 5600X. I want to ask if Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut (Liquid Metal) is safe to use on the IHS only, cooler is Corsair AIO H115i Thx
  3. Z

    [SOLVED] Liquid metal in laptop only on CPU or both?

    Howdy guys, I'm planning to apply a liquid metal (Conductonaut) in my Asus GL504GW, because it's not rare for the CPU to go up to 95 °C and TT. I've already done a repaste with a MX-4 which yes, decreased the temps by 5-10 °C, but it's still not good enough. The heatsink is of a compatible...
  4. D

    Question Delid - Liquid Metal

    Hey so i got a delided cpu but i wasnt sure if i should put the grizzly conductonaut on top of the ihs aswell ? So between the liquid cooler and the top of the ihs, or just on the die and the bottom ihs.
  5. C

    Question Liquid metal cooling in Laptops

    Hey. So i was wondering if it would be a good idea to get liquid metal on both the cpu and gpu, in laptops. HIDevolution and Eluktronics offer this option. I've heard some bad things about liquid metal on gpus, so I would greatly appreciate any info on this topic. Also, does liquid metal need...
  6. iKrloz

    Question Running delidded 8086k @ 87°C with 120mm AIO

    Specs: i7 8086k delidded woth liquid metal and OC'd @5.0Ghz all cores Evga Rtx 2080ti xc 16 ram 3200mhz cas14 Cooler aio ASUS ROG Ryuo 120 Case In-Win A1 Plus Recently I went to a sff case (the Inwin A1+ its gorgeous, however, as expected, not great airflow and I get pretty bad thermals on the...
  7. I

    Question Can I use metal thermal paste on CPU?

    Hi, decided to buy some new components today since it seems that my motherboard has been fried. I bought some cooling paste without really looking what I bought so I ended up with Grizzly Conductonaut. However, reading about the thermal paste I now noticed that it is liquid metal that can...
  8. M

    Question Is it worth it to have a professional replace the thermal paste on my laptop with liquid metal , or should I do it myself ?

    I watched a YouTube video watching a guy replace it on the same laptop as mine but I still doubt my ability to change it without messing something up. Should I pay the £70 required(including the materials required + the man's work) to change it or do it myself?
  9. AnirbanB

    Question Which laptops (Windows OS) do have higher AdobeRGB color gamut?

    As a photographer, I tend to get higher AdobeRGB spectrum/color gamut for a display. I prefer IPS display. I am not concerned about sRGB but only AdobeRGB. Wanted to go for a MacBook but doesn't seem a viable option with that budget. Budget: $1000-$1200 USD Configuration: • Display size with...
  10. AviateX14

    Hybrid RAID solution for SSD+HDD

    Hey guys, First post here despite having lurked for a few years, go easy on me yeah? :P I've decided to build myself a high spec PC, I'm looking at storage options, particularly RAID, in aware that setting up a RAID 0 array with an SSD and a HDD is next to pointless, what I would like to know...
  11. K

    My laptop wont read the RAM i just got. Please help!

    I had 4 GB of RAM and i just bought another 4GB stick of RAM. I had 1 more empty slot open so i ended up putting the new one in there. I launched up my PC and it still says 4GB RAM installed, i have Windows 8.1 and i heard when u install a new RAM it updates immediately. I also tried putting the...
  12. C

    3 Monitors needed for an Eyefinity setup - 150 quid budget (Each screen)

    Hi all, I currently have one monitor running on a GTX 770 Windforce x3 OC 2GB, but would like to upgrade to 3 monitors. I'm not very knowledgeable about things like this so I would be great full if any of you could recommend some, around 23-24 inches in size and IPS. I'm going to SLI my...