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  1. nero1024

    Question Need Help With Liquid Metal

    I want to use liquid metal on NVME SSD between chips and copper heatsink. Is it safe?
  2. yullbarez

    Question Xeon X5492 4.33 GHz @1.45V 12 hours Prime95 test enough?

    Hi i'm trying overclocking my CPU with Gigabyte GA-EP45-Extreme Mobo. I've reached 4.33 GHz clock with 1.45V Core Voltage. I'm still testing stability since 12 hours. It already looks stable with 0 errors. But CPU temperature around 96-97 degrees with Corsair H60 liquid cooling. Should i stop...
  3. Prawnapple

    [SOLVED] Liquid Cooling that doesn't require water replacement

    I am looking to upgrade soon, and I am looking at water cooling for my AMD CPU. This is what I am looking at currently: - However, any recommendations are welcome. Do water cooling systems...
  4. Ashraf546

    [SOLVED] Is this cheapest Cooler performanceable? Raidmax Tornado RC240mm ARGB liquid cooler

    The Raidmax Tornado 240mm ARGB liquid cooler is so cheap in here at What actually is the performance of this AIO? I've looked up to this over google this. Raidmax doesn't even have got 1k...
  5. S

    Question Question about installing Corsair H100x on an X570

    I am currently buying the parts to build a Gaming/Streaming PC and I have a question concerning the AIO (Corsair H100x). The motherboard is the MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi. I have no idea where to plug in the pump and fans for the the AIO. My power supply is the Thermaltake Toughpower Grand...
  6. briedislauris

    [SOLVED] Where to plug my water pump?

    Hello, guys! So I bought a pre-built custom water loop PC, It's been a year since then and I decided to change the liquid and clean all the tubes etc. When I saw that my water pump has only 1 (4 pin) connector which connects into MB, I was wondering how to connect this connector directly to PSU...
  7. S

    Question Is it normal to not feel the air flow on the other side of a AIO radiator while your fans are blowing that direction?

    Hello all, I just bought this AIO: I have my fans set up like this [>>>>>3-Fans Blowing Direction>>>>>] [360mm radiator] However, after I turn my PC on with my...
  8. C

    Question Is my current fan setup viable? Liquid cooling

    Okay so, I have two fans on either side of my Radiator blowing air from outside the chassis inwards, two fans at the top of my pc blowing air inwards and two fans in the front blowing inwards, does this work? Or should my rad fans be blowing outwards (so the air leaves the pc)? Edit the two fans...