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  1. idwwwoqq808

    Question Why do people directly connect CPU and GPU water blocks together?

    I've had this question for quite a long time. Why do most people connect CPU block directly to GPU blocks without radiators in between while building their water cooling system? It's also very common in manufacturers' example cooling systems. The coolant is heated by CPU block and then flows to...
  2. H

    [SOLVED] Will an EK A240G Be Good Enough?

    My current PC has a 9900kf and a gtx 1080, do you guys think an EK A240G will be enough to cool it??
  3. L

    EFF Fights To Declare FISA Warrantless Surveillance Unconstitutional, As Congress Aims To Reauthorize It

    The EFF asked the federal appeals court of New York to rule that the FISA 702 surveillance activities are unconstitutional. Three bills also aim to "reform" reauthorize the law, but only Sen. Wyden's USA Rights Act seems to offer real reforms. EFF Fights To Declare FISA Warrantless Surveillance...
  4. M

    Industrial design firm

    I am looking to start an industrial design company. I will be using adobe, 3ds max, CAD, revit, v-ray, etc. I have done my best with what I think we'll be a great starter workstation from cyberpowerpc, please let me know how it looks. *BASE_PRICE: [+1289] BLKFRISALE1: CYBERPOWERPC Skorpion K1...
  5. K

    Why does this happen everytime I boot my USB Windows 8.1 Install?

    I tried 4 different methods and 3 different iso files to make a bootable USB disk (one of them being windows 10 the rest being windows 8.1) and this is the closest I got to installing windows 8 on this laptop. I keeps giving me this error even after I go into startup settings. It had windows 7...