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  1. millanstar

    Question I keep getting a kernel 141 error with my amd RX 570 GPU

    Just recently a build a new pc, everything was running fine until i wanted to test some games, and they were running fine, smoothly, but suddenly they just stop and send me to the desktop, without letting me resume the game, when i hover the game icon it shows nothing, but the sound is still...
  2. W

    Question NVIDIA GTX 2080 - Black Screen and Fan Overdrive

    Windows 10 64bit I7-8700k @ 3.7 32 gb ram NVIDIA GTX 2080 8gb Hey everyone. I'm having an issue that is happening intermittently over the last few days. I run a dual monitor set up. I was watching some youtube videos on monitor 2 and my computer all of a sudden blackscreens and the fans on my...