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  1. SimplexShotz

    Question Best way to mount fans?

    Hey there! I’m planning the get the Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL, along with 6 LL120s and Corsair’s Capellix AIO (which comes with 3 ML120s). I’m definitely going to mount 3 of the LLs at the bottom of the case for intake, and the radiator at the top of the case (along with the MLs) for extake. My...
  2. Seltop

    [SOLVED] LL120s RGB wont work :(

    Well, My 5 out of 5 Corsair LL120s are not responding to any rgb commands but to RPM or thers they do 3 of them Corsair iCue wont even connect to PLEASE HELP! https://ibb.co/pwdZV2W - Thats how it looks like (<-- that a URL to a photo the I took
  3. Dowell71

    [SOLVED] Corsair ll210 fans

    So i need to know some stuff im a newbie to internal connecters and rgb fans and stuff so pls help So, im planning to buy the ll120 rgb corsair fans Multipack. My mobo is a MSI A320M PRO-E, my problem, is that if the ll120 fans can connect with this mobo without systemfan internal connectors...